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Let's put Google to the test... "Thinkodynamics is explained by statistical mentalics" .... Who said that? (This trivia wins you nothing but the privilege to say I found it first)

IamNobody 8 Jan 28

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you did

Nope, below answer is correct, Douglas Hofstadter and the book is I am Strange Loop

@IamNobody but to say you didn't is not correct either 😉

@powder ironically that is correct

@IamNobody and I didn't even use google 😀

@powder now that's impressive !!!! ?


Oh good grief, Douglas Hofstadter

Google passed the test !!!

@IamNobody No, I knew.

@DeStijl who am I to disagree???... IamNobody

@IamNobody Yes you are.

@DeStijl Didn't I just say that? Of course I am ?


Sounds like gobbledygook

It's a true reference from an interesting book from a great author. We usually think Google knows everything....does it?



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