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The bank of England has released over a billion in gold to the unelected "declared president", backed by the US, of Venezuela. They refused these funds to the legit govt who still holds a seat in the UN?????
WTF is going on? This is nothing but daylight robbery. So shove your" freedom" concerns up your arse those agitating for intervention. We know it's not about freedom.
Don't deposit in the Bank of England.
Meanwhile the Saudi's and UAE destroy Yemen at will and Israel bombs whatever neighbour they like.
Our fight isn't against Russia, China or Iran. Our fight is against fascism.

powder 8 Jan 29

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Don't look at me. I'm all in favor of non-intervention and a touch of isolationism until we get our own house in order.

And I'd be withdrawing from the UN so long as Saudi Arabia is heading the human rights council.

@maturin1919 UN have become a joke, especially the security council which is meant to stop this sort of shit. Why is France and England still permanent members?


Please provide a source


@powder Its their gold. They have actually blocked it.


It sure makes the mind boggle. It's our own fault, though. We keep thinking in terms of moral right and wrong, but the politicos think in terms of political right and wrong.

The political flunkies do their masters' bidding.
Those that control the wealth control the world.
How many democratically elected govts have been replaced by pro corrupt capitalism govts? I lost track but it's probably over a dozen just since 2000.


My fight is against evil where ever it manifests itself.
My definition of evil is causing or doing harm to others be it by individuals, religions, philosophies, corporations, governments.

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