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525,600...make the most of them!

MissKathleen 9 Jan 29

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Open up a minute and see what's in it.
Only everything.


I'll be sleeping about 175,200 of them. ?

How I envy you.

@MissKathleen I've had to make sacrifices to get 175k, but I think it's important to have such priorities. ?


Minutes in a non-leap year? I try to make the most of them, but not always successful....

At least you are trying.


I got this!

Wait, what exactly do I have 525,600 of? ??

Minutes. In a (non-leap) year.

@MissKathleen then I definitely got this ???


Is that all the £s you are sending me? (I'll take $s, I am not greedy).😉

Yeah, you can hold your breath on that.

@MissKathleen hahaha


I will.

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