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Here's a snippet of the poem I wrote 30 years ago :
I understand your pain far better than you know
Swallowed by the jaws of hell
Gnawing at your soul
Darkness is the path to follow the devil is the guide walking among the living so certain that you have died
I understand your pain the darkness and despair
a sea of shining faces and yet no one seems to care

Sharkymama 6 Jan 29

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Smiling in their faces while filling up the hole
So many dirty little faces
In you filthy little broke-down see-through soul

I didn't write that, but yours is good. Here is a song from Jon.

From my Tower I behold the landscape below
I see the river of blood in fury flow
I stare into the night, yet my visions clear
From the distant villages every word i hear

I am the almighty, the one with wisdom wide
I am the great shadow and from daylight in my tower i hide
I have seen the abyss and all that lies within
I am the great shadow and i was born in sin

Thy shadow swept by like an angel fading to grey
Thy eyes were like weakening candles leaving the flames to die
Thy pale cold face, once so full of life
Now its torn as of thorns of ice
Thy towers fell to the ground

@theGreatShadow I loved that ! Who wrote it

@Sharkymama []


I can also do poetry.
My best/favorite is rather lenghty.
Maybe I'll share someday.


Yes I felt like that one point in my life.....I understand it then and I still understand it now .. . Thats an amazing poem.....,?


Very insightful and descriptive of how I feel sometimes!

@bestwithoutgods I think this may be human emotions that perhaps we all felt one time or another

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