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I have had a chronic yo yo obesity disorder. For the thirt time I have lost approximately 100 pounds by cutting back in volume of my daily food intake while eating foods I like best. I am pleased to be down to 150 pounds now and still working on a little more. My maximum at one time was 277. I'm from the south and enjoy comfort foods. I like fruits only when in season like in summer..watermelon and strawberries are favorites but not in season now. I don't like a lot of vegetables..just certain favorites like salad or green beans and corn and collard greens and canned asparagus.. but nothing strong likr broccoli, brussel sprouts, or eggplant. squash, etc. So I have figured a system that works well for me. Some vegetables I do like only in soup that I would never eat otherwise, such as carrots, cabbage, tirnips, celery,etc. So about once a week I make a big pot of vegetable soup and eat it every day with meals forva few days. It's delicious. I use a stovetop Fagor pressure cooker with gas stove. The flavor is amazing for soup and pot roast. I can give my recipe I made up if anyone is interested but it's lengthy. I start with a rib steak with bone for flavor but don't usually eat much of the meat. I give it to my chihuahua. I br o wn the meat in peanut oil..meanwhile prepare veggies, chopped and diced, onions, celery, and green bell pepper, and add these to the meat and oil to saute on low burner, prepare diced carrots, turnip, lg can of whole plum tomatoes in puree, chopped, and a small can tomato sauce and lg wedge of cabbage chopped and optional green beans and corn. Add all ingredients into pressure cooker with 3 cups water and season with salt, pepper, and McCormick salad supreme. Stir and cover the lid and close the safety lock. Cook on medium high burner a few minutes until pressure starts..I have a pressure button that pops up. Lower the burner to medium high and cook under pressure for about 20 minutes. Turn off and wait for pressure to release about 10 minutes..the button goes down.Release the lock and open the lid. Wait several minutes to cool down. Serve with oysterette crackers. Many people don't want to use a pc but the flavor is best and the time must be increased for other methods. I had photos but they got deleted. My pot roast recipe is simple if anyone wants it.also in p.c.It's rump roast sliced and browned in peanut oil with garlic cloves onions potatoes carrots salt pepper 3 cups water cooked under pressure 30 minutes..release pressure and add several Tablespoons cornstarch gradually to thicken gravy. Serve with mashed potstoes green beans and applesauce.

By LynneAkkaya4
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Wow, Lynne!! What an exquisitely comprehensive and wonderfully detailed recipe. And man does it sound delicious, as I'm completely certain it is.?


Sounds good, glad it's working for you!

ESmith Level 4 Jan 30, 2019

Paragraph breaks would help. This is hard on the eyes.


i can't read that. no paragraph breaks at ALL? have mercy on my eyes.


genessa Level 8 Jan 30, 2019
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