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Why a civilian should not be allowed to own a assault rifle.

HippieChick58 9 Feb 22

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Good post!



the irony


Arming teachers will make no difference. This whole gun issue is nuts. How many more lives have to be taken for these people to say enough is enough. So sickening!


How about a middle-ground approach? Want heavy-fire weaponry? Fine, no problem. As is done in golf, you do your sport at the gun club or gun range.. Your weapon never leaves the registered premises and is kept for you in a locked and inspected facility. Ammunition is only available at the club, and it too never leaves the premises.
You want a gun for sport? Fine, not a problem. Use it for sport. You need a gun to help you masturbate? Go on line like he rest of us.


I'll stick with private citizens should not own assault rifles...hunting humans is illegal, after all, and there is absolutely no other use for them.


whats an assault rifle?

AR15 or the like of high powered automatic weapons that were used in the recent school shooting. One meant for creating mayhem and killing as many people as possible in as short a time as possible. Meant for warfare not for hunting.

Are you about to break down the technically accurate name of the of the weapons that kill so many innocent citizens in this country?

why are specifics not important?

@HippieChick58 Sorry, my response was to Lovecraft's question. 😉

Watch a war movie, the guns the soldiers are carrying are assault weapons.

@MikeFlora i hope thats not where you get your information on firearms lol

@Lovecraft i wonder how much specifics matter when you are maimed or dead?

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