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Ok I need to make a bit of a confession
At the beginning of the year I decided that at the end of every day I’d play a drinking game via this site.

And the way that it was supposed to work was I’d come on here and for every post involving trump I’d take a shot.
Well 30 days later and I’m completely out of every bit of alcohol that had in my house.
I’ve spent an additional $300 at the liquor store and I might need rehab.

The moral of this is that y’all are way WAY too caught up on that man!!
I actually blocked multiple people before I did this just so I would make it through the first night.

And to be quite very honest I’m actually concerned about the health of some of you because the day after he’s out office y’all aren’t gonna have shit left!

I do understand that he’s a miserable twat of a human but I would never let him or anyone for that matter consume me the way he has some individuals.
And to go beyond that he’s an egomaniacal narcissist who just lives for people acknowledging him whether it’s through love or hate.

Seriously I thought that people amongst our society of nonbelievers would be too intelligent to give in to the psyche of someone like him or at least not allow yourselves to not be controlled by someone who isn’t in direct contact with you.

I mean I don’t know now I honestly have to wonder if I was wrong for assuming that a higher intellect also meant a higher resistance to not be easily influenced or controlled by an external source. ?

48thRonin 8 Jan 31

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I hope you didn’t visit Trump Pinata during that 30 days.

Oh hell no my liver would’ve left on its own


Take your point. It seems more like a "hate Trump" site rather than an agnostic site

Yeah it does and I actually just had someone tell me that they refuse to acknowledge anything that the senate does because they’re republican controlled even though the committee is headed by a democrat. ?

The level of ignorance is almost unbelievable


I think the reason so many folks choose to discuss politics here, rather than in real life or on other social media, is that folks feel free to post thoughts they are not able to do in their own social circle, due to such ardent support from religious friends and relatives.

I for one was in shock after the election and still struggle to understand how this happened, so am intrigued as the story unfolds, but to be honest, I dislike thinking about, listening to or discussing the figure that is causing you to drink. Can hardly wait until his name is no longer a part of our daily news. Looking forward to 2020.


I am 70 years old, and up until I was 68 I happily watched our nation move towards respecting others, bodily autonomy, acceptance of others differences, with side-steps & set-backs, of course, but so much better than things I saw/heard as a kid. I went to brunch a lot!
Now I see the Worst of old evils, hatreds, bigotry, & general nastiness arise in just 2 short years, as if a huge toilet has exploded all over the country.
And you think I should still be going to brunch?

lol I feel the same way...I was very happy to sit at the beach and knit hats for I let the man take over my life? Nope...I stay informed, find solace and introspect in many of the posts here as opposed to other social media sites, laugh a lot, and find ways to fight or support those who do...I am on the phone a lot calling my representative and senator...I send money to organizations that fight hateful policies or that are trying to keep what we have accomplished in the past...and then I sit back and knit brunches for me either...

@thinktwice well said!

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