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I'm sure that every husband and dad will agree with this

RobertMartin 8 Jan 31

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Way to be transphobic. It's always nice when people announce their worst traits.

Read the meme carefully. Key words "belong" and "follow".
A transperson would belong. Follow implies sinister intention.
I would have a harsh response and not just my family.
I am a reasonable person and as such would react to defend against an unreasonable assault.

@powder I am pretty sure the owner of the vehicle (maybe even the OP) is implying transgender women. I mean, you really really have to pull some shit out of your ass to defend this. If the owner/OP wanted it to be known that they'll defend their wife/daughter, they wouldn't need a full page ad on the back of their truck. The fact that there is debate over transgender bathroom rights should be plenty of backing to realize the intentions of this meme.

@FatherOfNyx my mistake. Having lived and worked in Thailand I don't even think of transgender as an issue. A totally accepted thing there. I am not in America and had no idea this was a topical issue there. I read the meme literally only and had to agree. I instantly thought molester and only picked up on the trans angle after reading comments.
I must lead a sheltered life.

@powder I can see that, from what I've heard, transgender is much more acceptable there. I had an ex who was born there and was taken back at how different the US is in regard to transgender people. It's a huge debate in the US.. from what bathrooms they can and cannot use to whether or not they're allowed to join the military. They face a lot of hate from the less intelligent, less civilized population.

@FatherOfNyx thanks for the background.


Ok, I'm not here for dating, but thank you for reconfirming for me that any man of mine would know I can take care of myself in a bathroom, and I don't like being infantilized.

Kudos to you. I think it is better to be infantilised (?) than assaulted.

@powder, in 57 years, it has never been a problem. A stray janitor here and there, but the idea that men are following women into public restrooms was completely manufactured by transphobic conservatives. Regardless, I don't hang around with people who assault others for misreading a sign, and some of you men seem like you're actually looking for an excuse to hurt someone.

@HomeAloneSunday I agree it's rarely an issue but it does occur. I'm talking tough but one thing I do hate is child abuse, including indoctrination. Trans didn't really enter my mind, molester did. I would most definitely physically intervene because the other option is wring your hands, waste time finding someone who will intervene whilst being offended. I would not bash them but restrain them. But who really knows what you are capable of if you saw your child in severe distress.

@powder, most children are molested by someone they know. Most women are assaulted by someone they know. It rarely happens in public where you could be a hero.

@HomeAloneSunday unfortunately it happened here during the Xmas period at a shopping centre. He actually took her for a drive.
Anyway peoples point taken. Redneck bumper sticker and I bit. Think I'll call it quits as it feels like I'm just digging a deeper hole.


That's the kind of thinking prison inmates use to murder pedophiles.

Nothing wrong with inmates killing pedophiles.

Oh dear.


If caught by me, will never need a bathroom again. Perfectly legit defending those unable to defend themselves. Its not premeditated and self defence (of wife/ daughter/ son). I may mess up the minimum force bit.


I don't at all and I am a dada and father. That's your hello?!


Go to a country where all restrooms are shared - no open urinals is all.
The next sign below that could be handcuffs on Mr.Macho.
When my kids were little I didn't trust men or women I didn't know with them alone. When old enough they went in pairs. Now they can kick someone in the face, literally.


Hahaha hmmmm?


Violence is not the answer to disagreements about who uses the toilet. Disabling someone is never the answer. Everyone has the right to use the toilet. If you are worried about your safety, get some help by having someone watch the door while you are in there or lock the door if possible.


WTF.How is that legal.


Not this father. Then again I'm assuming transphobia here.


I am again reminded of how much you have in common with conservative Christians, TC.

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