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Polar..Netflix original film...was John Wick on Steroids..!!!!!

Ravenwolfcasey 7 Jan 31

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Just watched it! Definitely in the John Wick genre, looks like they could easily do a sequel. Hope they do. Thanks!


One of Netflix better offerings, helluva lot better than Bird Box. After the 1st hour is when things start to get John Wick / Punisher crazy. Definitely set up for a sequel, unless Netflix cheaps out.


I just added it to my watch list. Thanks.


It was good. Now it's time to 'read' the web comic it's based on (which lacks any word bubbles).


Oh good. I was afraid I was the only one watched it.

I think I've watched it six times now.


Is that that horrific film with Mads whatsis name and Matt Lucas from England?


I loved this insane was shocking..and can't look away...

If you made it the first 18 minutes the rest was gravy

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