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Still shaken up from a bad night terror episode.
I haven't had those since I was younger, not sure I'm having them now, but it is a horrible thing.

TristanNuvo 8 Feb 1

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I'm told when young i suffered from these, but i have no recall..... fortunately i reckon. take care.


I've had them, not fun. Hang in there and take care of yourself.


I remember those from when I was very young. Terror is the right word! I hope you can get some good advice here or by googling. It would be a good thing if it was something simple like diet.


When I was in my teens I had two recurring nightmares. It was really disturbing. One of mine was definitely Viet Nam war inspired. Be kind to yourself today. Snuggle up with a cup of tea and maybe a good book or a funny comedian on Netflix.


I feel your pain. You are a sensitive person who has had emotional trauma at some point. May you find its cause and over come it to become a healthy whole person.


Those things can dwell throughout the day. Hope things get better!

Yeah, that's half of it too, that lingering over feeling of dread that I just can't seem to shake off.


Sorry brother. That sucks.


I'm actually feeling a little anxious this morning myself.


So sorry to hear this! My daughter had them as a child after we left her very abusive father....never when we were with him, but after......
Please do whatever you need to figure out what triggered this one & change it!


Change in diet or sleeping situation?

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