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Something Smells Rotten in saudi arabia and in the white house.

GipsyOfNewSpain 8 Feb 1

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And U can add to those Russia and maybe South America


This doesn't surprise me. The USA takes care of their own ... I mean, those from countries with oil.

(Old info, but most Americans have no clue that the Bin Ladens in America were whisked away to safety while no-fly zones were in place for all of America, hours into the 911 deal.)

Known fact just like bin laden receiving CIA Money when He was Fighting the russians in Afghanistan... Oh... We had gone a Loooong Way from those days!!!! Did you ever heard of someone real Powerful or Important Dying that day of 9/11/01 in the Towers despite what the Site represented for the Biz World? Had you ever heard of a single building to collapse on its own without help of explosives? how about a second one? within minutes of each other? Controlled Collapse with just 2 airplanes hitting the top?

@GipsyOfNewSpain Of course not!! That wouldn't have been good for business.

Did you read about Building 7 imploding at 5pm? Or the insurance payout to Larry Silvestein?

I almost wish I didn't know, it's sucks having been thoroughly disgusted for the past 17+ years. ?

@SeaGreenEyez You Might Get Us Both Killed!!!!


Trump surprised me when he said that the economic arrangement was more important than the life of one person. Nobody has ever admitted that opinion before.

it takes the Ignorant to tell how Ignorant thinks. He is the Best Example. There are a lot of slips of the tongue beyond of "I grab them by the Pussy". I have to admit I had no faith in him last Century when I found out about him.... I couldn't understand anyone on right state of mind Voting for the Turd... I got a sister that voted for him but she is the one that prayed to god to make her rich and felt for every american scheme of richness from AMWAY, to AVON, to the Pyramid Scheme... so... I recalled her praying to jesus to kill my other sister husband... I reckon the 10 year challenge for jesus got killed husband nr 3 instead of husband nr 2. Got to remember that when I pray to jesus... Can take 10 years to work it out.... I confess never praying for trump death 10 years ago or now to be honest.


But but but, those illegals with the rape and the murder. And we catch them and lock them up, and. Besides, the Saudis are our BFF's. The Prez dances with them and swords.

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