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People always say they would go back in time and kill Hitler... I've thought about it a lot, and I think I'd go back about 3 days after the first good Friday...

By slydr688
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This is excellent! Thanks for sharing this! LOL

@slydr68 You’re welcome!


Interesting, and I hate to be a killjoy... but I'm reading Stephen Hawking's last book, and he discusses time travel in one of the chapters. I don't think it is going to happen in my lifetime, or my grandchildren's lifetime. It is a really good book, very readable considering Stephen's intellect.I highly recommend it. It is Brief Answers to the Big Questions.


If someone went back and killed Hitler, I would not have been born, because Hitler caused the war, which caused my mother to flee from her home as a child to a distant part of Germany, so without the war she never would have met my father...
Whoever kills Hitler would kill me too.

Matias Level 8 Feb 6, 2019

I don't suggest killing you! ? But, Jesus had no genetic offspring (maybe)...


So people would go back and kill Hitler because he remorseless killed millions trying to conquer other nations in order to build his own empire...then, how about Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Alexander "the great", Attila, Charlemagne and a lot of Crusaders? I rather go with the good Friday ...

I feel more death and destruction has been caused by religion across the globe, and it continues to do harm.


I’d go back to before some idiot thought up Daylight Savings Time...

Seeker55 Level 8 Feb 6, 2019 idea whose time has passed!


I'd go back and eradicate the ligulalepis. lol



Interesting but the problem is that with all of the inaccuracies would you know the exact time and place?

Me I’d go back a couple million years to see if all of the theories are anywhere near accurate.

Good point, in that it would be difficult to find enough truth to he where I'd need to be...the devil is in the details, I guess...LOL


People talk rubbish. As if that people would not have tried and besides why don't they look at what is happening now, all that injustice and put their energy to do something about that.

Jolanta Level 8 Feb 5, 2019

Absolutely right. We can do stuff here and now

I think you miss the point of the musing...sigh!

@slydr68 You can always explain to me what you mean. I am all ears.


I'd go see a T-rex..

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