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Stop doing it. I keep hearing politicians and pundits say that Trump needs to rise to the occasion, needs to be more empathetic, reasonable, honest, responsible, presidential, etc.... . He isn't going to do any of that. He does not have the ability to do any of that. He's a narcissist with the maturity level of a five or six year old. Accept it.

Rudy1962 9 Feb 6

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If you watch will never hear anything against the Democrats.
If you watch MSNBC, you'll hear nothing against Republicans.
Your choice of media outlet will "brainwash" you.
Realize that.

Ummm. I think you have your channels mixed up. I think you meant Fox and not MSNBC

I refuse to watch ANY "corporate news channels".

@KevinAverett. True, right or left they are owned by corporations so they do all have a corporate bias and it shows


He is simply a criminal that thinks he can get away with anything because he always has so he's not wrong in that. On the other hand, I've been saying since he got elected he will have to harm his people directly before they will learn. As his last supporters, that aren't Nazis or KKK nuts, are doing their taxes this year and the next find out not only will they not be getting that refund they will owe more money. So I think his ratings will go into the 20s and his days of getting away with it will end.

Hope you are right


Well, I agree...and I for one...have accepted that fact, long ago!


Come on Rudy! he's hilarious. No need to make parodies of Trump.......he' s a walking talking parody. I've taken to listening to his speeches cos it's so funny when he contradicts himself or tries to use words longer than two syllables. You've given the world something to laugh at (possibly not for the first or last time) but it's definitely the best joke you've ever given the world. I salute you sir.

He has been good for late night comedians and memes. I can barely stand to hear him speak anymore....It woyld be funnier if I too was in another country 😉


I'm fine with him the way he is, he exemplifies every generalization I've ever made about the Republican party and all it stands for since Nixon. I love that he speaks his mind and tweets revealing the contents of the Pandora's Box that is his mind to horrify and baffle anyone seeking that non existent mythical condition of detente called bipartisan support.
He's a dick and his own worst enemy, but he also shows us all the other Republican dicks and brown nosed ass kissers. He is the best reason to abandon a failed world view and enter a brave new world.

Hannibal Lecter : No, Mason, I much prefer you the way you are.

That's an optimistic way of looking at it...Time will tell

Damn, we share a birthday, 7/10

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