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The one and only reason this picture looks like this is because of Bernie Sanders. Not Nancy Pelosi, not Hillary Clinton not Stacy Abrams. They did influence women to run but they ran on his policies and won

Fight me.

Anonbene 8 Feb 6

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I disagree. This picture is brought to you by the people fed up with the poor management of this country by old white men.

By "some" old white men?

@Anonbene quite a number of them.


Trump is responsible for this picture.

I don't know. I think if Trump were more influential there would less of them and more racists in the crowd but I know what you mean. They didn't get elected running on a I hate Trump ticket. They got elected for being more progressive in their platforms.

@Anonbene They didn't have to run on it. It was in the air. Without Trump, that many new faces would never have run.


I think this is pretty accurate - I'm just glad it's a group that seems less against stuff and more for improving stuff. We have elected too many that ran on anti Obama or anti ACA or just anti anything and have no idea how to govern for the good of all Americans.

It is not that they don’t know how; it is that they choose not to.

@MissKathleen The evil is exposed, it really is sad.


I know they are affecting people when I hear men say that we would be better off if women ran our agree...they all ran on real human issues: healthcare, childcare, prison reform, welfare, living wage, etc. These all affect family and the core of our values...I endured his speech just to see this group of diverse faces: all ages, all colors, all backgrounds...beautiful...

Thanks for taking one for the team. I could not do it.

@silverotter11 lol I turned on my TV and also my computer to fact check at the same hour of him and I think you do become more you have to save the brain cells by consuming some adult beverages...

It is great to see that group


Bravo and touche' !


I guess I would least for the most part!

Bernie has made some votes I don't agree with over the years but his influence for us little people has been pretty steadfast over 40 years so I'm good voting for him if he shows up on a ballot

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