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A young boy once came upon an old man stooped over in a field. When questioned as to his purpose there, the old man said he was looking for a key. The key, he said, would open a chest filled with riches and great wealth. The young boy began searching for the key also. The boy's father happened by, and after making similar queries concerning the old man's quest, also began helping to find the key. A few local villagers came upon the scene; and swiftly were also engaged in pursuit of finding the key. After many hours of searching, the boy's father asked the old man, "Are you sure this was the field you lost the key in?"

The old man replied, "No. I lost the key somewhere in my house."

Incredulous, the father inquired, "If you lost the key at your house, why are we all searching for it in this field?!?"

To which the old man retorted, "There aren't any candles at my house; it's much too dark to look for it there."

By RedneckProfessor7
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I've heard this story before. It's stuck with me that in order to do the real work and make changes you have to go to the difficult places. Staying in the safety doesn't do anything. What is it they say? "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."

bleurowz Level 8 Feb 8, 2019

@RedneckProfessor I don't remember where I've heard it, but I know it's been around. Definitely good though and always worth repeating.


A father and son are walking down a path looking for a lost key. They find it and the father asks the son how it came to be here. He reminded his son that he should tell the truth because they would be crossing the liars bridge. The liars bridge always collapses when a liar crosses over it. Hearing this the boy confessed the truth and admits that he tossed the key away as a childish prank. Later the two came upon the bridge. The bridge propmply collapsed as they crossed because the father made up the story of the liars bridge.


Ok, where did you come up with this fable?


...and then they gave the pretentious man a good old beating, stole the key and took all his riches. But then they realized that money doesn't make you happy and from that day on continued to live in a communist utopia.
The End

Dietl Level 7 Feb 6, 2019
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