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Earth just experienced one of the warmest years on record []

By Charliesey7
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Coffee, bannans, grapes, hops, etc. are all threatened by our warming climate.


Consider for a moment that grapes were grown in England at one time... then a minor ice age came and instead of wine they brewed beer. I wish people had a collective memory passed in the DNA. Maybe we wouldn't all be 'chicken littles'

dave1459 Level 6 Feb 7, 2019

Weather patterns have fluctuated through out thousands of years my arguement is stop blaming and start preparing for coastal areas to be under water. Much of the throne to the money gods will be very wet if sea levels continue rising around Manhatten.


So much for global warming.


No kidding, here in New England, in January, we have had several over50 days...yesterday we hit 61! In New England! Enjoyable but damned creepy!



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