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Right wing demagogues are now screaming "socialism" -- attempting to discredit democratic thrusts simply by trying to attach that label. Guess what?

Governmental programs designed to benefit all of the people are called for by socialism. Many programs that we depend on fit in that category -- our highway system, the post office, medicare, social security, the Federal Deposit Insure Commission, and many, many more. But, the concept of democracy -- government of, by, and FOR the people also calls for such programs.

Don't be fooled. Those demagogues were simply using an intellectual shell game to try to bamboozle the public. They are deliberately switching the idea of governmental function with economic ideology. They trying to say that our democracy can work only in a totally unregulated free enterprise system. That is a total lie.

That fact is that ALL democratic nations have mixed economies -- economies with a mixture of free enterprise and government run programs what contribute of our economy and to the well-being of all of the people.

I urge you to do everything you can to make sure that people understand these facts.

By wordywalt8
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Tell them that the U.S. Military is one of the most efficient examples of socialism-in-action, and they just stare at you dumbstruck!


Proud to be socialist. It’s the only reasonable thing to be. The rest is death to the planet and abuse of the vulnerable


Let them call these policies socialist. The days where anybody got scared away by that label are over. Politicians are running as open socialists today and nobody seems to mind.

Dietl Level 7 Feb 7, 2019
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