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, today at the hospital where I presently work we were surrounded by flash floods and closed roads. It rained so hard there was about an inch of water covering the floors of about a third of the patient areas.Tornado sirens going off and a patient coded.I was the doctor reviewing admissions and refused several as we needed to kind of get things organized. THe business side of things told me I had to continue admitting, everything was business as usual. I refused.

I guess I am just a wimp

By btroje9
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Thank you for your service, I wish I knew more Drs like you.

Marine Level 8 Feb 8, 2019

I can’t imagine doing that job.


As a Canadian, the U.S. Heath Care System is just bizarre. our system is under-funded and suffers from lousy planning but no one goes bankrupt because they were sick or injured.

Same for a Brit

Our lack of affordable health care has permanently placed into doubt everything positive I was ever ‘taught’ about my nation..


You got hit with the second big storm we just had. My back yard and garage flooded. I haven't even started to clean it up because it's really cold and there's more rain coming. Sounds like you had to make some hard decisions but I'm not sure what else you could do. Xoxo.


I am so frustrated with the current state of healthcare in the US. Follow the almighty dollar at all costs, regardless of the outcomes. I think you did the right thing, I hope there are no negative repercussions for you.

I tried to get out of my contract but they won't let me

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