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Endless war . . .

THHA 7 Feb 8

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If we can find world peace through fair trade deals, and when all youth is educated to know that evolution is true, we can end this dying for religious causes nonsense, and end the military.

gater Level 7 Feb 8, 2019

It's unreal how bad homelessness has become in first-world countries. I can only guess it's down to a widening gap between the upper and lower income groups.


feeding isnt the problem - its the housing

gater Level 7 Feb 8, 2019

We’re guns for hire who are convinced that we’re free and we’re fighting only for our freedom so that we feel justified and can be self rewarded because our masters won’t.


Even when there is no real threat to the US they still manage to get 800 bil for defense.
the corruption is too far advanced. it will take a complete collapse in order to make any significant changes.


It's human nature.
Always has been.
Those who pursue money and power always do it at the expense of
those who can afford it least.

It's been like this since before the military, corporations, and industries.
It's never going to stop.
We're going to wipe ourselves out. Unless an asteroid gets us first.
Personally, I'd prefer the asteroid. It would be much quicker, and far less
painful for the majority.
Go out like the bulk of the dinosaurs did.

@F-IM-Forty It's not bullshit, it's history. Don't know what the rest of your statement is supposed to mean.

@KKGator Calm down, he believes that capitalism is the single solution to every single problem in the entire world and is synonymous with freedom and liberty. That's the cool aid that they've been serving us for the last forty years, more people suffer from this and for this idea than you might imagine but times are changing. Rational people are realizing that capitalism has its place, but not in healthcare, the military, or the prison system to name a few places where privatization in the name of capitalism has been stopped.

@Mortal Okay, first of all, please do not ever tell me to "calm down" again.
It's insulting, and presumptuous AF. I wasn't remotely "upset".
As far as whatever @F-IM-Forty may have meant, if he chooses to explain it, that is his prerogative.
I don't need to have things explained to me. Thank you for your efforts, but they were unnecessary.

@KKGator I offer my apology, it won't happen twice, it was just rhetoric and written the way almost all scripture was written, without thought of the effect it would have nor mindful that I was talking to actual people. I feel foolish now.

@Mortal Apology accepted, no need to feel foolish. Innocent mistake.


must feed the industrial beast!

Very much like one of favorite Julian Lennon songs, " Keep the People Working," from his album " Help Yourself."

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