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While certain people were joyed at her clap at trump I wonder how y’all feel about her clapping at your medical care ??????

48thRonin 8 Feb 8

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i love how he just posts the same video over and over again

Well I had to make sure that the people who asked for it got it. ? anything else dear?

@48thRonin - I'll settle for her vineyard.

@DoDapper I could get you some grapes ?

@48thRonin - I could make you some wine, though I prefer making blueberry wine.

@DoDapper ? blueberry never had that before


If she were against it, I doubt they would be holding hearings...She is a democrat like me...I like the idea but as a consevative fiscally, there are a lot fo things to consider such as how it will be paid...I am open to hearing ideas from all sides as is she...what does having money have to do wanting to be frugal with our tax money...NOTHING...I would use a more reliable source than some internet nobody...


Everything he says makes sense to me....and it also makes sense to me how she is doing it...


Just have to say I LOVE your bio. Can’t fault your thinking one iota!


and your drinking the wine a bits too much me thinks.

Me thinks that as long as it’s a politician from the side you’re loyal to that they can do no wrong.
and for me to question them and their actions that there must something wrong with me right?

It’s ok I get that from republicans as well for they are just like y’all but serve a different masters.✌?

@48thRonin what?

@Casey07 huh?


Is that the stupid woman in white who gestured to the other stupid women in white to stand up!


Most of the left don't care about what they do policy wise while serving, they just have to talk PC and act outraged at the identity stuff. It's proven by the re-election of the same people over and over even tho nothing ever gets passed except pro war and pro wall st blowjobs.

jorj Level 8 Feb 9, 2019



Your source for this is Rio Slade. Who in the festering frak is Rio Slade and what does she know about Speaker Pelosi's plans for the future?

I join the majority here in throwing the yellow flag of BS.

Here’s your BS now have a nice day ????

@48thRonin This is a talking head. This isn't Nancy Pelosi. He throws out quotes that may or may not be from Pelosi or her office.

Why don't you apply the same level of skepticism to this that you do to, let's say, Trump's Russia collusion?

@Paul4747 Yeah I have ( Surprise!! ) not a political sheeple I call them all out, but so far the whole collusion thing has only proved that everyone around him was involved and he was actually clueless ( no surprise there ) as to what they were doing compared to what he thought was happening.

But anyway that ball is about to drop and we’ll see what comes from it but to be real there’s media dating back during the Obama administration that was opposing any single payer or Medicare for all.

But this is recent and since the republicans want hearings and she’s stalling there is a chance that she’s once again trying to kill it.


and you are?

Yeah well I know it sucks when that truth shit gets on you and y’all you can do is label people like a fucking child but anyway here’s your truth.


Source please. I'm unaware that she is blocking Medicare for All.

Of course you are because mainstream media isn’t supposed to tell you but here you go


Sources? I'm calling BS.

Yeah well call yourself ignorant while you’re at it

@48thRonin Palosi is pro single payer. She believes the way to get there is by increment rather than all or nothing from the git. Right or wrong, history says her political instincts are second to none.Her approach is pragmatic and he don't like it. Poor journalism. As for you Mr. 48thRonin, shouting obscenities and name calling is childish and counter productive to political discourse. I have three suggestions for you. Turn off utube. Read about the issues. Learn some grammar.

@Casey07 First off saint Pelosi has a consistent record of advocating against any single payer system but I guess that thing that AOC did the other about how corruption works in our government might suggest that Pelosi most likely has stocks within the health insurance industry.

Which is why her closest advisor that’s been in her circle since the 80’s went to inform the executives of Blue Cross Blue Shield as to congresses plans for the future of their industry.

And in his presentation it clearly states in bullet point the negatives of single payer system. And I did post that yesterday btw so you and others can read it.

Now for myself I don’t see where I was screaming and cursing but i do understand that it’s liberal methodology ( I’m neither liberal or conservative y’all are both slaves to their ideologies and I’d die first ) to attempt to label me as misogynistic and aggressive.

Which is as much of a false narrative for victimization as you can create which is also pitiful.

And finally as far as your statements in regards to my grammar. Wow how passive aggressive of you to attempt to insult my intelligence.
And to that I say that I tend to type how I talk and because the opinions of strangers is pretty much worthless and a waste of your energy I don’t care as I eat my cereal.

So go and man shame someone else and have wonderful day ??????

@48thRonin If you think you can call me names and stay in my groups well that's a nope, buh bye! You will be reported and blocked.

@CaroleKay ok sure sorry if I had an opposing response to yours

@48thRonin You called me ignorant.


I haven't heard she's blocking Medicare...

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