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I’d like to hear people’s take on collectivism.

In general, I don’t think it works. I think you don’t horde knowledge, but beyond that as an individual you need to use what’s available to advance yourself, but that’s meritocracy when truly unrestricted. (Knowledge to me includes scientific and medical, though.)

ScientistV 7 Feb 10

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We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. From this time forward, you will!


Voluntary collectivism works. People come together and agree to achieve a common goal.
Involuntary collectivism fails. Force breeds division and resistance.


Meritocracy though seems to be undefinable. And it favours the already wealthy who can make sure that they and their kids appear to have merit. So not a fan


In our society, as it stands the general population needs to be led or controlled as some would see it ( a boss per se) This is evident mostly in business that is run privately. The corporations that have a board and rely on a management team distribute income over a greater number of employees is a type of collectivism. When employees are owner-operators and have a bigger stake in the income pool this is an example of efficient collectivism. Collectivism can not survive in our society because of the many different cultures and idealistic morays that exist in our eclectic society.

I view it differently than that, in a well run businessyou reward on merit/performance which is not collectivism.

@ScientistV In perspective, sometimes the business machine does not perform to the standards that are set by the management this is often a paradoxical error and it is way beyond the management teams control. With this in mind, this can be viewed as a punishment toward employees even though the problem were way beyond the control of the employed team.

@azzow2 true, but that’s usually based on external drivers and that is out of scope.

@ScientistV So back to my original point to establish collectivism is our society as it stands would ultimately cause more punishment scenarios that would be employment healthy for an average personal causing undue termination to a basically efficient worker.


Not a fan of most -isms, including that one.

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