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I am becoming a Rambo.

InSaNe_97 4 Feb 11

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I am sorry. =0{


Edit: No, wait, sorry about what?

@InSaNe_97 That you are becoming "a Rambo".


...Are all these comments persiflage to author's image of me?


Be careful one gets hurt very often playing Rambo!!!


Rambo is a fictional character.
Are you becoming a fictional character?

Sure no, don't be silly. I wanted to say that I, for the 100th time started to train again, and "believe" that this time will be for real.

@InSaNe_97 Telling me "don't be silly", is very insulting.
Your statement was unclear.
How was I supposed to know what you meant?

Good luck to you.

I wrote it and I didn't wrote it as insulting but as a nice one. And if you mean it for sure, I gotta tell that nowadays people loses its mind, too afraid of everything and making absurd of everything, that's going nowhere good, try use that last brain cells no not be stupid robot.


Head for Seattle. Contact the police.

I didn't understood that. I'm livin' in Europe so maybe because of that I wasn't exposed to information you are about.

@InSaNe_97 That's how the film started. Rambo was headed north and he had a run-in with hick cops in Seattle. Then all hell broke loose.

@InSaNe_97 -- What is your native language, @InSaNe? Да ли је ваш језик српски?

Wow, never knew actual stoty-line but watched it, maybe too much times. I'm glad you explain. > brentan

Јес'. > evidentialist


@InSaNe_97 -- Too cryptic. How are you becoming a Rambo? Have you been training yourself to be a lean, mean killing machine? Are you engaging in extreme body building? Are you working on developing a speech impediment? Are you reducing your wardrobe to include only tight fitting cammies and dog tags on a chain? What?

@Antidronefreeman -- You continually read things that don't exist, and I find that amazing. I said nothing about anything being wrong. The questions revolve around characteristics of the 'fictional' Rambo and which of them was he going to emulate.

Just "train hard" one, did I really needed to explain? 😉.

@InSaNe_97 -- What sort of training are you primarily engaging in? Overall fitness, stamina, and agility, or something else?

You might enjoy this article about Stalone and his workout regimen: []

I don't know how it's called what I am training so I can't answer properly.

Thank You I would love to read that.

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