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How many of us here have read the phrase, "I came here to find love, and stayed for the community"? How many have come to this wonderful site simply to engage in a community of thinkers?

The community, conversation, and connections are what have contributed to my own longevity here. The interaction with those I agree with, as well as those I do not. The open dialogue with those who see the world differently, have often contributed to my growth and learning. I see my contribution to the community as whole, as well as to the group community, as one that appreciates and engages in conversation. I've often posted questions, or thoughts, with the intention of hearing what others have to say. I really want to know and understand the experiences of the other people within the community. I make an effort to respond to those that comment on the posts I make, and enjoy engaging in conversation on the posts of others.

So, now I am asking the members of the members of this site, "How do you contribute to the community?"

What makes this a community for you?

There are so many great interest groups on this site. How does your group, or the group you're involved in, bring people together?

How do you facilitate the growth of our community?

I'm genuinely interested.

Stacey48 8 Feb 12

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I joined out of curiosity and stayed because I have no life. That really needs to change.

@Stacey48 That is very nice of you to say. 🙂


As a Utahn, in this group I don't feel like a pariah.


I came out if curiosity and a desire to interact with others. I had no intentions, really, to find someone. I listed yes to the question and now am with a wonderful companion who lives 15 minutes away.
I wanted to share with like minded people and to get ideas to ponder upon. I like that you can be serious and then move into something humorous. You can ask questions and give answers when you feel knowledgeable enough. And, the majority of people here are cool.


I’ve heard that a few times before yes. I’ve been Here for Community since the beginning. I’ve enjoyed meeting people, finding common interests, participating in discussions, sharing memes and pet pictures, etc. For the most part, I try to avoid debates and conflicts because I don’t need those in my life. I try to help others by liking and commenting on posts, posting in groups, approving most comments that I’m asked whether I want to approve or not. I haven’t started my own group yet because there are already so many groups. I haven’t done a lot of reporting because many other members have been prompt at reporting offenders and I rarely came across someone to report. Anyhow, I just want to enjoy myself here with little confrontation and without god being shoved down my throat.


I came to interact with fellow heathen/infidels.

@Stacey48 Pretty well!


I came here just for been around other atheists , dating or such not interested at all . I have hard time opening in that department with people I meet in person , I know online dating is not for me ?
I had no idea about groups or points and I found my way with what I like fairly soon . I don't have much to offer brains ways , meaning I am not stupid but my knowledge and experiences are mostly medical oriented and human oriented , humans at the worst most of times ? I have read so many valuable to me things here at this site , that I wouldn't had the x or the easy availability to do by my own initiative . I am loving it .
Most interesting , so many humans that I got to " know " and I got to like . Here are mothers and grandmothers that I will had never interact in my life otherways . Here are women younger than me w fresh attitudes and concerns that I never had when I was their age , it makes me smile and learning much . Here are loners just like me but in different settings and life styles , and I borrow wisdom and ideas . Here are some very smart people too in my opinion and some very kind ones too . And some just hilarious !
Here are some drama queens , some untasteful to my opinion folks as well , and then some believers and plenty of scammers . I avoid the drama ones Bcz I do that for living , a dime a dozen and welcome to ER , no heart for that . I hate anything about religions and it's followers thou , actively or silently , religious will never get my vote here or anywhere . In my small mind let's say , accepting religion even if u don't preach it to me , still = u are an as!$@le . For siding w crimes and accepting and not protesting .
I have made friends here and I worry / care about them , even their pets . I open this app several x a day or night and I am happy to read most of the humans here . The ones that I find hideous or not for me , I don't read . If I have to interact Bcz same group or senate , I keep it to minimum . I have blocked 2 or 3 men who kinda scared me / safety , and one idiot who is mental case in my opinion and popular opinion as well ?
In short ( too late , can u tell I am not working tonight ???), I love it here .

@Stacey48 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

You are adored @Pralina1

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