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I've seen numerous posts here by our Agnostic Ladies describing the difficulty of dealing with stalkers and "less than gentlemanly" fellows in some of the singles and dating groups. They might consider "Barbie" in one of her many manifestations as a role model:

bigpawbullets 9 Feb 12

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I truly do not understand why some people have so much trouble with "no, thank you, we're done here." One literally would not accept it until I updated my relationship status on Facebook. Because apparently there is more respect for a dude he's never met, than the chick he claimed to "not know how much he loved until it was too late." WTF is that?




(spoken with a FAAABULOUS lisp?) Mmmmm,, girrrrll,, you better stop promotin all dis hate and violence up in chere... but he probably deserved it,, and the bloody sward IS a nice touch.. touche! ??


Sounds good to me, but I so hate to be locked up.


You're always looking after us! You're THE BEST!???




She better drink from his plastic skull.

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