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I don't get it. ##

What is with the people of the United States?
Anyone who has private property that they feel needs to be protected by a wall of some sort, well, they go right ahead and build it.

Should the same approach not apply to a country's border?

The Americans seem to be shooting themselves in the foot with their ongoing bickering about the "border wall".

If our border with the US was open to millions of illegals coming into Canada, and a wall or barrier was considered to be effective in stemming illegal migration I am sure that all political parties would come together in a vote to protect the borders of our incredible country.

Not so in the US it seems. Over there, even though the illegal migration from Mexico is a serious problem, and just because the Opposition has a personal beef with the President, the Opposition is opposed to doing the right thing to stem the tide of illegal migration by refusing funds to fix the problem.

I have never heard of such selfishness. Ever.

I don't get it. Does anyone?

SidneyWinston 6 Feb 14

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If Trump fails to protect the USA he will lose power, and that is by far the most important thing to the opposition. The fact that the USA will be injured is of much less importance to them. It is up to the voters to reject that cynical plan, but I'm not optimistic they will do so. The opposition to Trump largely controls the mass media, and so they think they can control the way most Americans think; and perhaps they are correct.


The border is 2000 miles long and cuts through a number of wilderness areas and much of it is on private property. Most illegal immigration occurs at at existing border crossings and airport gateways. We are at a 50-year low for border crossings. The cost of the wall and its routine maintenance is in the $50-100 billion range. Illegal immigrants are not the terrorists, murderers, and rapists you've been hearing about but are statistically lower in criminal activity. Many of the young illegals were brought here as children and know no other country.

In short, it's a made-up crisis attempting to get Trump's base excited and has nothing to do with national security.

Illegal immigrants, by breaking the law by entering the country without consent or documentation, are criminals from the outset.

@SidneyWinston Refugees seeking asylum are by law entitled to a hearing. Just because Trump & Co changed the criteria for seeking asylum doesn't mean that these people are criminals. That's why we have courts.
And I agree with the person here that said we don't appreciate you bringing your racism into our discussion -- we already have enough home-grown bigots. I suspect your point of view is even less tolerated in your own country.

@jerry99 were you a 'special' pupil at school? You sure rationalize like one. According to you my intolerance of criminal elements in society is racist.

Trolls gonna troll. I try not to feed them. Bye bye.


I think that you need to research your subject matter. Look at the numbers that come in now and where they come in. Look at the problems that they cause. Look at the cost of the wall. Look at the unfilled border agent positions. Look at the ability to maintain the protections that are already in place. Carefully vet your sources of information. There is a lot of incorrect information out there.


But it's not a serious problem.. That's you getting your information on a country you don't live in from the media of the country you don't live in.

Now you're just embarrassing yourself by jumping to false conclusions. Stay ignorant my friend, stay ignorant.

@SidneyWinston Ok friend, where have you learned about this serious problem with immigration?


Don't blame me. I voted for HER.


I had never seen a gated community, until I moved to Colorado, back in the early 'nineties. Since then, they have been sprouting up like mushrooms, all along the Front Range. I called them 'fortified subdivisions', when I first saw them. And I wondered 'what are they afraid of?'. Those walls of theirs certainly aren't going to keep the sans culottes, or the sans domiciles out, if the pooh ever really hit the fan!

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