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Lots of snow this morning in Omaha. I’m still waiting on my 15 year old snowblower to get out of bed and get to work on the drive !

Ohub 7 Feb 17

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Most likely waiting for you as it does not want to enjoy the snow without you.

He got it all done. Good kid.


That 15-year-okd may need some help, dad!

He did get it all done. Woohoo !

@Ohub good kid!


I'm looking out at the snow now, and hoping the sun comes out soon to melt it. I'm not looking forward to moving it. I'm hoping a neighbor with a snowblower takes pity on me. Usually one of the neighbors to the west will blow off the front sidewalk. The mailbox is on the east side of my driveway, so they are clearing their path.

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