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Omigosh, this kid! What a big, beautiful spirit he has.

By FlippantLlama8
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Warms my heart to read this story. Thank you for sharing. ?


This kid is a few years and a super soldier serum away from being the next Captain America.


Not sure how to express all the love I feel from this story.

ejbman Level 7 Feb 18, 2019

Awesome x


omg. he deserves all the cuddles


I knew it!! Kids are wonderful! That's why I want lots and lots ??

Mmmm ... sometimes. Especially when they're female, they're also hellspawn. You are warned!

@FlippantLlama if I get a bad baby, I'll just go back to the hospital and exchange.... ?

@Cutiebeauty that's not how it works! They hook you when they're young so you don't eat them when they're teenagers.

In all seriousness, yes, they can be absolutely wonderful.

@FlippantLlama I just got another notification for this... I see you edited "green " Lmao

@Cutiebeauty I am the anal OCD grammar cop of your dreams!

@FlippantLlama suuurrree you are... Lol. Spell check that!

@Cutiebeauty twitches

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