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This very morning..

Charlene 9 Feb 20

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This just made me laugh!!! My 89 year old aunt actually said this... Well something like this... But the finished product was the same!!!

Love to make you laugh..moan would be better?

@Charlene HEY!, what am I, chopped liver?

@AnneWimsey no sis you're pate. .smooth and creamy!

@Charlene I can live with that

@AnneWimsey maybe we can all get together and moan...i mean...laugh!!! lol.

@Charlene Oh, i'd LOVE you to make me moan...and beg for more!!!



GOOD morning to YOU Miss Charlene!!! Oh my've got the PERFECT name for a school teacher!!! C'mere little you grab the little brat by the ear and slam his head into the backboard...HAHAHAHA. Old School discipline!!!

@Bungaloebob I would never have done that...

@Charlene i'd NEVER be THAT kind of teacher. You'd be the teacher loved by all the boys in school!!!

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