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Trump making sure he won’t win over the woman voter base.

The GOP is moving forward now that kavanaugh is a conservative majority vote.

The GOP is not prolife. They are staunch probirthers. Old gray men deciding for you as a woman, as a family, and with it determining your health issues that come along with pregnancies. It’s unconscionable. Vote them out. All of them.


By Marcel34057
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I really hate those motherfuckers.
Women really must stop voting republican.
It's just fucking stupid that any do.

KKGator Level 9 Feb 22, 2019

I refer to them as forced birthers. They are monsters.


It's hard to understand how trumpians are so stupid.


I agree, the Repubs are anti woman, women are only useful to them as a uterus on legs. Produce cannon fodder or die. Screw them!


F##k eh all dirty rotten slimy no good piece of white bastards


Evil Evangelical idiots

t1nick Level 8 Feb 22, 2019
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