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If you've never looked at the Facebook page for Father Nathan Monk, you are missing an amazing experience.

Our Lady, Queen of Gaga. Blessed are you who was Born This Way. With the glorious company of the saints, with Alejandro, and probably not so much Judas, you give us a Million Reasons to Just Dance. From all temptations of the Paparazzi give us a Poker Face. Pray for us Monsters, now and at the hour of our Bad Romance. Amen.

Melbates 7 Feb 26

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Funny prayer. I gotta comment on the 3d face. It's pretty good. Someone had to digitally recreate her face. To be that accurate, Lady Gaga would have needed her face 3d-scanned or made a face mold with plaster or something - unless the 3d artist is really good and built it from scratch and photo references.

Actually, and don't quote me on this, but, I think the creator took pictures of her from events and such then digitally altered them to make them look this way. I'm not much of a Gaga fan but the facial expressions just seem familiar.


I find that hard to believe, she is dark skinned. Everyone knows Jesus was white.




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