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How many of you have had Shingles? I'm doing that this week. I worked in pain all last week, thinking I had sciatica. Saw a chiropractor twice for adjustment. No relief. Early Sunday morning, I saw the rash. Now I'm off work for a week, and taking opiates.

Who has an interesting shingles story?

By Ms_McSteven7
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Had it also. I have other skin allergies, so the rash, etc. wasn't that much of an issue for me.

No nerve pain?

Slightly tingley - but as I frequently had contact dermatitis, especially when young, it wasn't that uncomfortable. It took a while for my skin to clear-but it did. (that is why I even went to have it checked, as contact dermatitis clears quicker)


12 years ago. On my butt and the back of my leg. Couldn't sit, walk, or lie down normally without shooting pain. When it started to clear up, the very first day I had no pain felt like utter freedom.

bleurowz Level 8 Feb 27, 2019

If you had Chicken Pox as a child you might get shingles,same virus.

Mike1947 Level 7 Feb 26, 2019

i thought about getting the vaccine for shingles but have read it's only about 50% effective.
anyone had the vaccine?

Get the vaccine, you don't want this.


My father had in his lower back. It did permanent damage to his spine and leg.

Yikes! I hope that's not the case for me. Mine is lower back and around my hip.


Had it. Got a watery blister on my neck and an ache, thought it was a spider bite. Next day not better so went to the Dr, walked through his door, one look "shingles". One half of my head was covered in blisters. I swear Van Gough had it as I wanted to cut off an ear.
I went to work in NZ, lasted about 6 hrs then got a hotel room, 2 weeks of popping pain killers (work drilling rigs).
When I got home to Thailand I told my Norwegian neighbour who hadn't heard the word " shingles", so I explained it. He went "Ahhhhh! In Norway we call it Hell fire".
I said " Good fucking name for it".
No shit, it is not something you would wish on your worse enemy. Unfortunately, you just have to wait it out. I really do feel for you.

powder Level 8 Feb 26, 2019

I drive a school bus for special needs kids, some of whom may not be immunized, so I have to stay away from work until I'm no longer contagious. They won't let me drive the bus on the pain meds anyway, so I guess I'm on a very painful and unpaid "vacation".

@HomeAloneSunday don't think shingles is contagious. Chicken pox, the dormant virus that gives shingles, definitely is though. Too dangerous for you to drive. If you got one of those stabbing pains whilst driving......
For those who don't know; imagine you have a fresh graze. Now get a rusty cheese grater and rub it with it. A pain that drops you to your knees that comes in stabs, but a dull achy pain is there constantly.

@powder, I can't give anyone shingles, but my shingles can give a child chicken pox. Some of my kids are pre-schoolers that require hands-on help, so the doctor told me to stay away from them, because they may be susceptible.

I drove all last week with that pain, not knowing what it was, by keeping it dulled with Tylenol and Motrin.

@HomeAloneSunday not ideal for a bus driver


'Shingles' refers to 'fugitive' chicken pox virus, that hides out in your spinal column, not to re-emerge until you are middle-aged. This is why it tends to radiate outwards from the spinal column. Scratch it, and the pus beneath the scabs spreads further on your body, like the arms, the hands, the head and face. Anybody who had chicken pox as a kid is a prime candidate for shingles when they get older.

davknight Level 7 Feb 26, 2019

I vaguely recall having chicken pox as a kid, but years later my mother said I never did, she only remembered I had measles. So, I've never been sure if I was carrying the virus or not, even though all 4 of my kids had chicken pox at the same time, and I didn't catch it from them. Doctors don't recommend the shingles vaccine until age 60, so here I sit at 57, shit out of luck. ?

@HomeAloneSunday I was 55 when I got it.


All over my head....took months and months. I still have lunps n bumps. The antivirals were horrendous. Not doing it again. Oh and I had chicken pox!

Amisja Level 8 Feb 26, 2019

Ugh, I can't even imagine having it on my head, that must've been unbearable. It's bad enough on my lower back and hip.

@HomeAloneSunday Trust me to be different


I had it 6 years ago. I'm a nurse Practitioner so I immediately knew what it was, got an Rx from my boss but didnt think it helped.

Emerald Level 7 Feb 26, 2019

Did yours start with a rash? I had no rash for days, so shingles wasn't even on my radar.

Hey hello fellow Nurse prac smile009.gif

@HomeAloneSunday yes, and it was rash like no other. Clawing the skin off my side seemed like a perfectly reasonable solution. I found that freezing it with a wraparound ice pack provided moderate relief.

@Emerald, I have experienced that kind of itching when I had Lichen Planus on my feet, legs, and wrists. I spent most of my time sitting in oatmeal baths. I hope I can avoid that.


I got it eight years ago. I thought I had poison ivy. A doctor gave me a prescription for an antibiotic, and it cleared up in a few days.

davknight Level 7 Feb 26, 2019

Did you go straight to the itchy phase?

Yep! It itched like mad! But try not to scratch it, as that will make it worse!

@davknight, I haven't gotten to that point yet. After a week of intense pain, the "virus-y" part hit me yesterday. I feel ok today, but I'm on some good drugs.

Its antivirals...I wouldn't prescribe antibiotics..

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