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Guess I got kicked out of Bernie Sanders group. I suspect that the truth hurts. Unlike most of the posters there I actually worked on the Bernie campaign and I still support him. I was also a California Democrat Convention Delegate and fought for his ideas, but because I also defended Hillary and the Democratic process they kicked me out. Rookies.

clarkatticus 7 Feb 27

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If they don't want another four years of Trumpty-Dumbty, they'd better cease the internal bickering, and get their act together!


there is a great war for the democratic party that will become more apart as it goes on. Its only begun this round. Progressives intend on taking over the party and overthrowing the establishment that annotated her majesty Hillary as the party queen and has kept them out of the conversation. They intend on taking the country back but first they have to take back the party. I say they but I'm one of them.

This is what I'm fighting, it's not a war, it's a debate of ideas. It's how far to the left we can go and still win. How many moderate voters can we lose compared to how many new voters can we pick up?. Is it possible we can do both? Most important, we must defeat Trump, regain the Senate and bring back truth and honor to the nation. All of us on the left have opinions, we want ours to capture the party, but can we tolerate less than what we want? Villify Hillary? She's not the enemy, she is a faction of the party. We can live with less than everything we personally want, we have to, it's the nature of human relations.

@clarkatticus Oh, there is a war for sure. The party has shut out all progressives for decades. The left has been shut out of the democratic party in order to move to the middle. So we have had the right wing and the middle running the show for all of my life, Obama pretended to be one of us then turned out he was just another in a long line of politicians that ignore the will of the people. It was exactly your thinking that lead to Trump being elected. If the party had truly listened to their base they wouldn't have lost. I voted for Hillary in the end but I knew Trump would win because she was a poor choice that had been made when Obama was still in office. I will never vote for another candidate just because of fear of the rightwing, its a bad decision that has left us in the place we are today. The media wants you to believe progressives don't stand a chance but this ignores all the polling data that has shown the people are in agreement with how this country should be run economically but they wouldn't allow a discussion on them until Bernie. Bernie has been saying this stuff for decades, they just would ignore him. While the country is evenly divided on social issues they are not on economics and the data shows they are overwhelmingly progressive on that topic. The country is not as divided as it seems but the establishment will attack anything that threatens the industrial military complex that rules this country. You can see the war by just looking at Politico who have been trying to bash any and all progressives because they are just an arm of the establishment like CNN and MSNBC. There is a reason so many people don't trust the media, it's not all lies on the right about their bias although it's very different than they suggest. That's why we will take over the party, Not much the moderates can do to stop us this time thanks to Trump. I knew if we could only survive him we would have a small window to really change things. The movement is going to change the world if only the people that lack the ability to dream of a better future will get out of our way. I never thought I'd live to see it but it's underway right now. The new progressives like AOC are just the beginning of this truly grassroots movement which will bring many Republicans on board to finally end this Clinton crap about the middle being where victory is going to be found. How any Democratic person can still believe the middle will bring a win is beyond me because they haven't been paying much attention to the fact the Democratic Party has been losing election after election using this strategy. No one gets excited about things staying the same so you can only win elections where the right isn't fired up. How often does that happen? The right is very good at exciting their base, maybe the Dems should try to give people something to motivate them but all they can do is make them apathetic.

@JesseBoren again, there is no "us or them". There is only us. Run for a delegate position in your area, join a progressive Democrat club, learn the system. Is your message getting through? Is their message getting to you? Tempers flair, emotions run high. But we change, Bernie's platform was added to the Democratic national platform even though Bernie didn't win. In the end, isn't that what we want? If you insist on this "war" then you will get it. That is the ultimate Russian plan-to split the party.


No fan of Bernard.. It needs to be taken into account that ‘this’ is where our politics comes together. We’ve no parliamentary coalitions in our winner- (or sometimes loser) take-all system. So apparently, the battle begins ..Now! But we damn-well better have the sense to stick together (this time) in the General..

The ‘Berners’ I know just don’t get it.. They’re aspirational ideology from living in urban enclaves with no contact with the rest of this (fucked up) nation leaves them handicapped. Hillary would have attempted to coax Congress toward every (fuckin) proposal ‘Bernie’ had made -- but she was honest enough not to promise it.

Bernie had the luxury of Republican support … cuz they figured they’d blow him away in the General.. And, like a litany of losers before him ..he played to our youth - and - those I know - fearing with age ..they may never see the functioning Socialism (a wonderful and necessary thing) of their dreams… In the middle were those like myself, practical, experienced folks understanding the dozer work necessary to re-level the political playing field ..before obtaining our goals.

Glad you’re free of such an echo-chamber; really, there’s little to be learned with constant ‘tests of purity.’ Welcome to the messy side 🙂

Varn Level 8 Feb 27, 2019

@mzbehavin Agreed. When I’d encounter a hard-core trump ..supporter, I’d let them know, ‘I agree with 30% of his proposals,’ ‘and 70% of Hillary’s’ - ‘So of course I’m going to vote for HRC.’

What we witnessed from the Bernie faction was an attempt to punish HRC supporters, when, as mentioned above, she’d have quietly and actively pursued & promoted his major aspirations.. Let’s see what they’ve learned … though if still unwilling to consider an alternative.. they may as well vote for trump/ pence 😕


Yes, you sure did. But that is not correct. We decided that we like to stick to facts in the group, and it has zero to do with closemindedness as some have suggested.

If you would like back in the group, and it's important to you, please message me. Thank you.

@CaroleKay yes, facts. Because all I did was lie. What was it Truman said? "I didn't give them hell, I just told them the truth and they thought it was hell." If what I said was considered a lie then you cannot discern the truth, and you certainly don't want to hear it.


The revolution eats it's own babies! Remember? BTW, if you worked for this demagogue idiot, you deserve it.

zesty Level 7 Feb 27, 2019

Same story over and over again:

BD66 Level 8 Feb 27, 2019

i can never watch that movie enough!


I voted for Sanders in the primary because he was the best candidate. I voted for Hillary in the general election because Trump was the worst candidate.

I didn't like her past support of Wall Street, predatory lending, foreign wars, fracking, and other positions. The DNC highjacking the nomination on her behalf demonstrated that they were not interested in the democratic process, but the fact that she was one of many candidates to lose the election with the majority of the votes shows that our democratic process is greviously flawed.

JimG Level 8 Feb 27, 2019

I didn't like that Bernie lost and there were better Democrats that could have run. I never thought Hillary was bad though. What she did to win was just what every man did before her including Obama. She started early, lined up superdelegates in 2014, put her BFF in as head of the DNC along with other friends. They did nothing illegal, they felt she was the best candidate against Trump. Who knows, maybe they were right, we will never know.

@clarkatticus but the emails!

@coralisthree Colin Powell had the same job, was suppose to turn his emails over to the State Dept when he left and hasn't yet. How many years has he been out of office?

@Sticks48 i was being sarcastic. she's not our president, so who gives a fuck. i'm more worried about what trump has done

@coralisthree No shit!

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