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I don't believe in God or heaven and hell but I do believe in the supernatural like ghosts and also I believe in reincarnation. I'm super confused. Where do I fit in ?

lilimum 3 Sep 25

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If you disbeoieve in god, you’re an atheist. If you suspend judgement you’re an agnostic. Neither one would deny the existence of ghosts. The concept itself is not mutually exclusive with either.


You sound pretty human to me...


I'd say if you say "believe in the possibility of" instead of saying you believe wholeheartedly in the "supernatural", as some entity outside of natural (but as yet unexplained) phenomenon, then you're agnostic. Beware labels, though. They can be troublesome.

With a few personal experiences; as well as some study of many cases of alleged ghosts, reincarnation, EVP, ESP...that defy rational explanation; I have come to two conclusions: There is "something there" and it is entirely natural.


Sounds like you are trying to hold on to some myths because you somehow find them reassuring.


I have seen ghosts. the old man that used to own our house "lives" in the garage. He was grumpy when we first moved in, but I guess he approves because he generally leaves us along. things do get mysteriously moved in the house occasionally tho.

Where do you fit in? I've often pondered how one can profess belief in the supernatural, but not in religion. Is it even ok to believe in god but not the devil? So, you fit in here. you're not alone. Welcome to the family 🙂


Try asking yourself why you believe these things. What is the motivation? How do you reconcile it with scientific method of investigation? You might surprise yourself with the answers, and you might not but asking the questions is an important step.


I think it's important to continue throughout one's lifetime to question our own beliefs. Kind of like a checkpoint. Understanding these things often takes a lifetime of learning particularly as things become clearer over time as new insights and science is also moving forward. For example very intelligent people used to think the world was flat. Until someone who develop the tools and applied them to this theory. But 1st he had to question this long held belief by most of the world. Always question.
Perhaps there is a scientific explanation we simply don't have the tools to prove or disprove at this point in time.

Actually there's a whole society of Believers in Flat Earth to this day. Yes in the 21st century we still have a large population that think the Earth is flat regardless of all the evidence to the contrary 😟 to think I used to wonder why people in the 21st century still believe in god and goddesses ghost leprechauns what not and here we still have people believing the Earth is flat.


Just adopt the same reasoning towards the supernatural as you do towards gods and you'll see that there is no difference. Obviously, the show Supernatural is completely different!!


There are many people that have conflicting views like this. I personally feel that we are spirit/soul type beings. Nothing related to religion on any level but spirit/soul is who are what you are. So feeling or believing in supernatural things is part of something that maybe you can't explain.. there are many things I think we as humans will never know or truly understand.


I don't believe in god or the bible or anything to do with with religion but I also believe in ghosts, spirits, reincarnation, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with religion. I've always questioned the existence of "God" but I've also ALWAYS believed in the after life. I just don't associate one with the other. I don;t care if I don't "fit in" and I don't care what other atheists think about me and my's just who I am. Why would you want to be labeled? Be YOU...that's all that matters.

Woohoo! I fit in here!

I do not believe in god either, some strange things have happened to me, can not explain, that is why I do believe in ghosts.
Don't have nothing to do with believe in god or not.
reincarnation, Can not say yes or no, maybe.
Why you believe may I ask? I believe because weir things have happened to me.


I don't believe in any gods or heaven and hell but I do believe our life force never dies. Like the ancient Celts I believe in re-incarnation. The Celts believed when you die you are reborn in the Otherworld and when you die there you are reborn in this world. They would have a funeral and also a birthday for the person being dying and being reborn.



If I had to label you I would say Buddhist. They believe in a spiritualism with reincarnation minus a personal and nonpersonal creator god. As for not believing in a heaven they do believe in an afterlife of sorts where you can break the cycle of reincarnation and attain a state of nirvana (contentment? peace?).


Have you tried Wicca???

I know alot of people who do practice Wicca but I'm not sure I'm a believer there either


I tend to believe in some supernatural phenomena that are probably not actually supernatural. "The universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.”

This is close to the way I think. I don't believe in the supernatural as a category, but I won't rule out the possibilty that there may be phenomena that science has not yet explained or taken seriously enough to attempt to explain. But I'm fairly confident that whatever exists is natural, whether or not it seems eerie to us.


I used to believe in astrology until I sat down and looked at it critically, and looked up facts on the subject. I also used to believe in "inner-chi" and stuff like that but James Randi made me a skeptic lol. I've been creeped out and scared of the unknown but never really believed in ghosts or spirits.

Tejas Level 6 Oct 1, 2017

you need to be more skeptical, and do more research. for some it takes time to run down the list of stupidnatural woo. i find it perplexing that an atheist would use reason and evidence when it comes to gods, then curb it when it comes to ghost and goolies. the personal experiences and confirmation bias reasons is all i ever hear, to somehow rationalize the irrational beliefs of these things.

I wish I could give you more (thumbs up) than just the one!!! Great response=_)


Being spiritual and believing in the supernatural doesn't mean that you have to believe in God. I believe in Wicca and Witchcraft. Wicca is sort of a religion, except it doesn't exactly believe in gods. I believe in magic, and the supernatural, and in Karma.

I dunno about reincarnation, but it's a distinct possibility.

WHY???? lol You believe in witchcraft which would come from the bible, I.E. The Devil! which would be the nemesis of Jehovah, but you don't believe in Jehovah? Talk about being confused!!!

Witchcraft existed long before Christianity. Christianity was a creation of man. The current depiction of the Devil is actually Baphomet, a Sumerian deity of fertility. Witches used Baphomet as a symbol and Christians appropriated it in order to say that Witches and Wiccans were devil worshippers.

You're getting your timelines mixed up.

i don't want you to feel attacked, so i suggest you learn some more critical thinking and do some research. i could go down the list of things you mention and refute every one of them. i prefer you do it on your own.

Please, tell me what in particular you feel I have wrong. I'm always happy to learn something new.


I agree with vertrauen, If ghosts are real then they are not supernatural, they exist within the natural world, and if they exist in the natural world they're not beyond discovery. Like vertrauen said, "Either the light is there or it isn't, the sound is there or it isn't. If the light and sound are there and observable, then what produces it is natural." - That simple statement can be applied to God, Ghosts and all things supernatural. The only thing I would add at the very end of that statement is "and testable"

I agree with vertrauen also.

I do not know what to call all the strange phenomena.
Paul, just because you never see ghost,others have.
the phenomena are real,and very strange, but we do not know what to think,because we can not understand what is happening, does not matter what we call them strange or paranormal, unexplained These things do not have NOTHING to do with any religion.


All atheism addresses is if you believe in God or not, so if you don't believe in your an atheist. If you believe in super natural you may identify as "spiritual" without necessarily being religious or a theist, but if you don't believe in god your an atheist.

I never say spiritual. It is not that I have any believe IN ANY GOD
But some strange things I have see that I can not understand.


You can still be an atheist and believe in supernatural things. The only criteria for being an atheist is that you lack belief in a god. That's it. Atheism itself says nothing about ghosts, fairies, or ESP.

Every one does not know about these things, ok?
And do not have nothing to do with religion or Atheism.

ESP is real.
I know it.
Do not want to talk about it, with people that know nothing about it.

I will, of course, have to ask for supportive evidence of your claim that isn't just personal testimony.

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