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I just got phone scam call but didn't fall for it. Weird thing is, it was from a person i talked to face to face. BEWARE cheating husband story

Janiesuper 6 Mar 3

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Could you elaborate a bit? Was the caller trying to tell you about Her cheating husband. Or yours?
Because my experience with this is, if someone us trying to tell you your hubby is cheating, LISTEN UP!

she said her husband was cheating and she found my phone number. i don't have a husband. there is a phone scam where they call and say your husband is cheating and try to scam money or blackmail. this was different but i realize don't believe anything scammers will say anything

@Janiesuper all good, whew!


I get health insurance scam calls twice/day. I block their numbers.

There's a new Medicare phone scam:



3 years ago i got a call i thought was real but i was sure they just had the wrong person. they said i was behind on a bill and i was sure i wasn't. this was a very high end operation. professional sales woman sounding legit. she said i needed to call some number or they will take me to court and report me to my work. of course im not going to tell them ANYTHING about ANYTHING... so i started asking her questions like, what courthouse and on what street, and because she couldnt pronounce any names from New Mexico i knew it was a scam. I was sort of laughing and she was pressured to hang up but had invested so much time she wanted to hang up in a professional scammerly way.


YESTERDAY I met this person in a store here in my town. She pretended like she didnt want to have a conversation but i invited one. I thought we had a nice chat but i felt some awkwardness that NOW makes alot of sense so i'm very sure it was her. BEWARE what you say to strangers for example, where you work, where you live etc. She was asking some questiosn i thought were too personal and i got vague with her but i expected her to give info and i could tell she was getting twitchy. she ended up leaving in a different direction from where i thought she was going. So now i'm very sure it was her. Be very careful what you say in public! She faked her illness everything was fake just to get info from me. I forgot to say that she got my number off the tag of my dog. I got a phone call that said, i want to know why your name and number is on a note in your handwriting in my husbands pocket. I said, who is this? She said i'm his wife (duh). Well guess what wife, im sure i didnt sleep with your husband, and thats pretty much all you can say about me because i didnt give you any other info! I wouldnt tell her anything and she hung up. BEWARE!!!


I had one call tell me I owed student loans.

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