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Should A Shirt Be Buttoned Top-To-Bottom Or Bottom-To-Top?

TashaGareth 5 Mar 4

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Yes, but not neurotically.

@Elganned Of course, nothing has to be done neurotically.


I button the left side to the right side.


don't force a shirt to be buttoned in a way they are uncomfortable with! just love the shirt for being a shirt!


Depends on the shirt.

A nice, button ... up ... shirt, like a casual oxford, I button from the top lol.

For shirts which have buttons that do not extend all the way down, like polos or henleys, I button from the bottom.


Whatever is easier for the person. There is no hard-and-fast rule.

With a seam ripper, I carefully enlarge buttonholes, removing one or two threads.

This makes buttoning easier, especially with cold fingers. To my delight, I found a hiking shirt with snaps. Love it.


THAT'S your big problem in life???!!?


Each shirt should be buttoned according to its gifts. =P


I button from top to bottom...but then rarely I get to the bottom and I find that I have a button left with no hole so I have to redo the whole thing. So, even though I always button from top to bottom, I SHOULD button from bottom to top.


If you are in the Northern hemisphere top to bottom Southern hemisphere bottom to top if you are on the equator go shirtless.


Who cares? OCD people , that's who.


Sometimes I start in the middle. I'm a rebel!

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