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  1. Lobbyists spend $3,200,000,000 annually to influence U.S. Senators and Representatives

  2. Senior members of Congress spend 20, 30 years passing legislations developed by lobbyists

  3. 52% of Senators and 42% of Representatives retire and work for lobbyists earning 7 figure salaries

So, do you think it is time to make term limits for U.S. Congressmen with no exception?

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St-Sinner 8 Mar 4

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I think that we need national initiative and referendum like they have in Switzerland. That way the people themselves could reverse the laws passed by "the best Congress money can buy".


I voted No because I think we need to get rid of lobbyists & corporate control over our so-called democracy. Those are much more important than term limits.

With term limits the lobbyists will just have to buy new politicians more often, instead of the same old ones.

Carin Level 8 Mar 5, 2019

So what's the score?

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