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Racism - social problems are escalating world wide regarding refugees & immigrants.
Q - What is it that wells up a feeling of racism amongst
some people?
Is there any real basis for concerns around illegal
immigration & bringing in refugees?

By Earthling506
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Overpopulation should be the major concern. There were approx 155 million people in the U.S.when I was born. There are now around 330 million, and ours is the third most heavily populated country in the World.If we don't wish to overtake India, or even China, we are going to have to put a damper on all immigration, legal and illegal alike. 'Open borders' is a suicidal concept.


In Ireland, the worry some have is that the culture is dying through immigration. It's a valid concern but i try to look at it from a historical perspective where new people came into the country periodically and made the culture what it is now.

brentan Level 8 Mar 5, 2019

Look ... no offense to you intended but what point is there to preserving a culture? Why do people have this fascination with living in the past? Move into the future daily. Our species doesn't advance by just sitting still. The world, heck the universe, is constantly changing and we must change to adapt. Don't we see how idiotic it is to deny climate change?? Preserving your culture is for textbooks and museums. In real life we advance it.

We like our culture because it explains who we are, as well as having great aesthetic value.

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