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Open discussion: The evolution of Jesus based on the influence from the history of Church Councils.

SeamusFarrell 4 Mar 6

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I like the Trinity. Christians had a Father and Son (I'm not sure how a holy spirit came into play). They seemingly realized that with a separate Father and Son they had two "Gods" Well that would be polytheistic, so they combined the Father and Son into one and threw in a holy spirit for good measure. Then they had three "Gods" in one and could be monotheists again. One of the many problems I have with that is Jesus is quoted as saying, on the cross, "Father, why hast thou forsaken me?" If the Trinity is correct that would mean Jesus was talking to himself. On the other hand having three "Gods" in on is a good deal.


The 'Lost Gospels' make for interesting reading. Most of them have been collected together in the "Gnostic Bible".One of them says that Adam and Eve had a daughter, with whom Abel, and Seth had incest with, to begat the multitudes. And most of them, to me anyways, make Jeshua look like a schizophrenic cult leader.

I agree.


The funny thing, I used the councils as a basis for an argument with a fundie. He said they didn't exist. Uh, yea. And, of course, and this is the most fucked up of his beliefs: the King James Bible is the literal word of god. Just for a point of reference, I got into the argument after he claimed I wanted to kill his grandkids because I was pro choice. Good lesson - don't argue with stupid.


Jesus is a fictional character.

Care to elaborate?

Of course, based on an archetypically character from long before he, supposedly, existed. Still, the Councils did occur, and they are real, and they have done much harm on humanity and should not be lightly swept under the rug. Know your enemy.


these topics are massive and have been debated for centuries - do you have an angle? You could start the debate by advancing some pros and cons, if not your own thoughts?

If I were to advocate my beliefs or position on this matter, the intent to have an open discussion would be based on a bias idea. Presenting a topic and giving full reign to all for discussion allows everyone to have something to offer rather than an attack on the topic at hand.

@SeamusFarrell that's not the practice in formal debate terms... and when there are no angles or pros and cons presented (they don't have to be yours, just propositions), it's not stimulating to anyone with any expertise, or interesting to the generalist - that seems to be the case here.

Key point here is "open discussion" not a "formal debate".


Jesus evolved into a pedofil idol.

zesty Level 7 Mar 6, 2019
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