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After graduating from university with a rather good degree, my eldest son has struggled to find work. He is a kind gentle chap but has very mild Aspergers. He interacts poorly with others and often misunderstands humour or irony. Today he has an interview at my old place of work. I am nervous for him and me. He will be a fabulous HCA. So keep him in your thoughts.

By Amisja8
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Good luck. Something will come up, something always does, sooner or later, but we always prefer it to be sooner, because it is far too easy to give up when it is later.

Jolanta Level 8 Mar 7, 2019

In the blue-collar, factory town I grew up in, we called job-hunting "hitting the bricks". Which means one just has to be perserverant. If you hit the bricks long enough, something will turn up.

He's had work, but it almost Dickensian factory work.


He will find something, the one thing about Aspergers is that you can not do nothing. But why limit him to a job have you talked to him about starting a business, Anyone can do it, and not all businesses need high social skills or a large investment.

He is brilliant. He sees straight through nonsense and writes like a dream.


My brother spent more than 12 years looking for a permanent position after he graduated with his biochemistry degree. He was frustrated for the time but is very happy where he is at now. It's worth the wait.


I made a good career as a lift technician, and later as as a magazine publisher, so why not? The secret for all Aspergers is to do something because you enjoy it, not because you must work.

Petter Level 8 Mar 7, 2019

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him!


Good luck to him. Really hope he does well. I'm sure you know already but there are some careers that suit Aspergers well... My missus is a Speech Therapist and tells me about them.

Yes I think he'd work well in care. He is extremely high functioning and very handsome. He can see the world for what it really is, without bias or prejudice. He is a very clever chap. He taught himself Japanese at 9 years.

@Amisja If he's bilingual, or multilingual, with a high grade point average, he'd be a prime candidate for the Intelligence field.MI5, or MI6 just might be interested.

@Amisja lucky lad!

@davknight No sure what high grade point average is. He's a bright lad, he is highly political and I doubt he'd ever join the police.

@Amisja High GPA means mostly 'A' student.

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