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When you ask what is your meaning in life.

HippieChick58 9 Mar 1

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Is the living organism the bee or the hive? The penquin or the colony? The person or the tribe? None of us can live from birth to old age on our own - we have to have our community around us. That says to me that the living organism is the hive, the colony, and the tribe. How we fit into that tribe is what defines us.
In my opinion.


I like this alot although personally I believe the universe is not interested in me AT ALL -- it is true that our core beliefs / intents and how we project ourselves in the world is more valuable than some list of acheivements, but existence cares not a whit for any of it.

Life is a series of stuff happening ... meaning is what you decide it is. What has been meaningful about my day so far is I did good professional work, paid my bills, took care of my health, was kind to my wife and to the animals that share our lives -- oh and I managed to take a good dump. Modest goals, well within my true scope as an insignificant mortal.

Many people's struggle with meaning and purpose is that they have grandiose ideas of what they're supposed to be or do. This quote brings that out. Tying Dad's shoes is meaningful. Most meaningful things are that innocuous.


Leave out the god part and it is a very excellent discription of a full life.


Wish there was a "love" button here!


Loved it!


I like this. Thanks for posting!

balou Level 8 Mar 1, 2018

Humanists unite!

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