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My wife has been out for dinner to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary. I tagged along!!! ????

By Petter8
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It's funny how that works. My brother once asked me my wedding anniversary and I said I had forgotten the exact date. He said I would get in trouble if my late partner knew that. She didn't care. The next time he called she asked to speak to him and told him so. In her culture (Iran) birthdays and other dates did not have the meaning they have here. Whew.


You had to! There's no reasonable excuse...??

Other than a broken neck - but that would be a sort of last minute reason created by her.


Congrats to you both !

Gypsy494 Level 7 Mar 9, 2019




ToolGuy Level 8 Mar 9, 2019

Lol -- that's mighty thoughtful of you. Congrats to you both.


I'm glad she took you along.

She even used my credit card! ??


It's good to be supportive at times like that.

brentan Level 8 Mar 9, 2019

congratulations to both of you!

hankster Level 9 Mar 9, 2019
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