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Either all the Trump supporters on Agnostic have retreated to their singular echo chamber, or the enthusism for Trump is finally waining. We can only hope its the later and not the former. It would be nice to think that rationality and common sense has come to various elements of our site.

t1nick 8 Mar 10

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Yes, I've noticed that too. At the beginning there were many, telling us that Trump meant what he said and other justifications. Some people will never admit they made a mistake. They'll either keep it up against all odds, or retreat away. I feel that's what happened here.


I sincerely hope that he'll be reelected!

zesty Level 7 Mar 10, 2019

Most of the Trump supporters I know IRL have not waned in their enthusiasm for him.


Personal attacks are against community guidelines.

I report and block people who belittle or mock me: Trumpsters. Poof!


That’s what always happens with cult followings. When cracks begin to appear and develop in to fissures and the more rational followers opt out in increasing numbers, the core group of crazies doubles down and isolates themselves.

The problem is, that’s when they can become dangerous. True believers on a mission often resort to terrorism and other subversive tactics in an attempt to further their cause.


I hope you speak truth and we end this circus at the next election!


The Trump mouthbreathers are still out there. This is just not their likely hangout. Either that or, like me, you blocked the majority of them.

@t1nick Bless your heart! 😉


I never block people. I prefer to expose them as the complete and total douche they are for all the world to see. You don’t get a cockroach to scurry by turning the lights off. You do so by turning them on.


I like your optimism!

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