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Had I stayed with my first husband, today would have been 38 years married. Hard to imagine! It only lasted 4 years though.
He’s been remarried for about 25 years now. I’m good friends with his wife-my kids’ stepmom. I never see or speak to him though.
2nd ex, rarely hear from him. He’s on #4 wife.
3rd ex, thank dog, is on the other side of the state. We talk a few times a year, I can talk to him now without throwing thangs. That was 10 years.
How about ya’ll? Friends with the ex(es), or do you wanna make candles from their rendered fat?!
I admit, I’ve wondered how many candles I could make, mwahahaha! Kidding. KIDDING!

CarolinaGirl60 8 Mar 11

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First ex I assume is back in Florida. I never hear from him and I don't care to. Second ex is dead; we were really good friends. Third ex lives in North Dakota; I speak to him on occasion. We're civil.


My first wife and I are still very good friends and chat often. Her current spouse made (and keeps making) her the happiest she may ever be...and that’s what matters to me.
My second wife passed away a little over three years ago. She was only 27. So, please, try not to take life for granted.

I’m so sorry for your loss.


First wife died, married 11 years. Second and I were friends(FWB)before we married, suffered 5 years married, divorced, still occassional FWB(between relationships).

I’m sorry for the loss of your first wife.
My third was a case of ruining it by living together and getting married. We had been together a few years in college, before I met my first husband. Ran across each other 25 years later and decided to try again.
Nope. We cannot share an area code, lol. Much less a marriage. He stays in east NC, I stay in west NC. Works well.


I have one ex..and we do not speak at all. Too painful. I do not know how many candles I could make...he was really big last time I saw him but he always tended to gain and lose weight.

Or soap. Ever see Fight Club?
My first was very painful and we just ignore each other. He’s the father of my kids, and I’m friends with his wife, so I see him once in awhile. Took years to get to that point!

@CarolinaGirl60 the only rule about Fight Club is we don't talk about Fight Club


My wife died and my girl friend died. I feel no malice towards either one. My son labelled me a serial monogamist. It's true.

I’m so sorry for your losses. I forgave and was forgiven long ago, I’m at peace with where things are.

I am sorry for your losses too. When I first started dating a year after break up I said to myself I would fuck anybody and never be monagmous again...but that's not me. I dated a few sex..and the one I was seeing and having sex with does not want to see me but I was monagamous. No candles. I am not mad.

@Dandewine Candles are such a cool concept though. Before I die, I am working that into a conversation!


I have two ex's. My first was from age 15 years until 27 years (my daughter's dad, he was a brute)
My second was for 22 years, my son's dad. He was the love of my life. I would love to be his friend but I think it would be too painful for either of us.
My current chap is lovely. We won't marry but are thinking of an alternative to protect each other as we age.

That’s a good idea, as we age, we can care for each other. Everybody wins!


It feels weird when my brothers are celebrating 40 years of marriage and I’m single. My first marriage lasted 35 years. My disastrous second lasted only 9 months. She the one that I’d make candles from. She would want to do the same with me

I’m glad she didn’t!

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