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Open discussion. St. Paddy's Day traditions and rituals vs historical fundamentals.

SeamusFarrell 4 Mar 13

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I posted this previously. I live a 20 mins flight from Dublin and honestly, the Irish Brothers n sisters roll their eyes. My little home town has a large number of Irish (as in 1st generation) people and the pubs all trim up for St. Patricks. I am just soooo glad my lass was born on the 16th!

I like to banish snakes from a island nation.

Ha. Back when the Catholic church expelled Christopher and George and a number of other Saints, the committee found no backing evidence (like there is any for any saint really) for Saint Patrick - but the politics of kicking him out was too great.


Our family ritual is based on food. The day falls on my dad's birthday so we celebrate it every year with corned beef, boiled cabbage, carrots, red skin potatoes, soda bread, and whatever Irish style beer we can gather up for the celebration. But that is the extent of our family tradition.....with no Irish heritage genetically speaking, that's what we're left with...FOOD. (And I just read an article that corned beef is actually more Jewish as cuisine goes in America than Irish.......)

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