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Immensely saddened by events in Christchurch today. Filled with loathing by the response of the thoroughly awful Senator Fraser Anning, especially as it appears that it was an Australian primarily responsible for this act of terrorism.
My brothers and sisters across the pond: please find the nearest MAGA hat wearer, and demand to know what they are doing to stamp out the evil of white supremacist, anti immigrant islamophobia in their community.
After all, it seems to be what we expect of all Muslims when an atrocity is committed in another country in the name of Islam.

MrBeelzeebubbles 7 Mar 15

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I am sad for their families.

(Isamophobia is not a thing)

Anning did not say what all the lefties are saying he said.

Jacar Level 8 Mar 16, 2019

Ummm... he published a statement blaming Islam and immigration for the massacre in New Zealand.
The only people I've heard saying 'islamophobia is not a thing' are those who wish to justify bigotry.
3/10 - must try harder.


What does this have to do with US domestic politics??

Sigh. Read my post again. Slowly.

@MrBeelzeebubbles I have. I am your brother from across the pond, I think I got that part ok. Now, let's say I'll go find a MAGA hat individual walking on the street. What am I supposed to tell him again? That my brother from Australia wants to know what?

@IamNobody what does it have to do with domestic policy?
"Today, the terrorist has quoted the most powerful person in the world, President Trump," CAIR's Awad said at the news conference. "And I would like to address Mr. Trump: Mr. Trump, your words matter. Your policies matter. They impact the lives of innocent people at home and globally."


@Heidi68 If I loose my marbles and go on a killing spree and then quote person X, is person X responsible for my actions and I am off the hook? Seriously???

You read his post and don’t understand what this has to do with the US? For real?

@IamNobody he didn’t claim that MAGAs are directly responsible for the specific attack.

What the fuck is wrong with you? This shit matters! There are dead people...

@IamNobody The guy voiced the same sort of rhetoric that ostensibly the most powerful man on earth said. Weak people need a hook on where to hang their hate.

@Amisja Just for the record, I am not a MAGA person (Nothing against them either). It's just the irrational logic that everything must be Trump's fault. It doesn't make sense to me, that's all. Even if I don't have all the facts (likely), what happens in Australia is for the Australians to deal with.

@IamNobody what part of 'words matter, rhetoric matters' do you not understand? With your logic we never should have joined in WW1 or 2 - you know, what happens in Germany, is for Germans to deal with.... what in the absolute f***!
When a world leader speaks the way tRump does we ALL need to speak up & speak out. As simple as that. Yes, leaders can & should be held accountable for creating an atmosphere of hate.

@Heidi68 Talking about an atmosphere of hate, it seems to me that you hate Trump and that's fine with me. All I am saying is that not everything that happens in the world is his fault.

@IamNobody no one is saying everything in the world is his fault. I am saying when he spreads hate and others follow his rhetoric he is responsible for his actions as a leader. Calling him out is not hate - that is showing others his actions are not acceptable. There is a difference. One (tRump) is calling for violence - the other (myself & those like me) are saying that is not acceptable for anyone much less the leader of the strongest nation in the world. If you do not understand those difference you may want to do some self-reflection.

@Heidi68 Ok, help me here. What am I missing. The issue posted is the incident in Australia, correct?

@IamNobody actually the incident was New Zealand. The suspect was from Australia - he had statements on social media praising tRump.
The comparison to WWI & WWII is the similarities of those who praised Hitler (even here in the good ole u.s.of a). Yet you seem to believe it is each country on their own... and that no one should speak out against hate, if you do then you must hate the person with whom you are speaking against, which is just hogwash.

@Heidi68 New Zealand, ok my bad. If the suspect would've had praising comments about Mickey Mouse then?.... Amazing how you all buy into almost anything.

@IamNobody you are comparing a cartoon character to the leader of our nation. Talk about buying into garbage. If you are ok with hate speech just admit it & move on. I am not and I will call out anyone including a cartoon character if they are spreading it. It is 2019 and this kind of hate should no longer be an accepted culture.

@Heidi68 Sure, whatever you say then. Let's turn the page.


Having a conversation with a MAGA person is usually futile unfortunately. Saw this post about Anning earlier today on Reddit:



I agree with you. Unfortunately, most MAGA hat wearers I know probably don't have a problem with this. Even if they don't have the balls to say it at the moment.


I agree with everything you said here x

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