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Im now almost finish the book of illusion of god by Richard Dawkins.
It's a great book i read it translated into Arabic

Heider 4 Mar 15

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Sorry for miss understanding i almost finishing read it

Where ? U bought the book in Farsi ? I am curious .

@Pralina1 in baghdad
Aloutanaby st. (The street of books)

@Heider really ? Bcz this book as far as I know it has not be translated and published in Farsi . The only version in Arabic is if u download and read online . And I am 100% sure of that . But if u prove me wrong , I ll be very happy for u .

@Pralina1 I'm not Iranian I'm from Iraq
I read it in arabic


I am confused . Did u read it in Farsi , u own a copy of the actual printed book in Farsi ?

I read it in Pdf
But there is printed copy of it
In iraq i suggested for my friend to bought it
So he did


It's one of many that I love to read again, and again. But I love his others as well.
One another note than God, or religion, Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson has weitten a lot of books that are great as well. But his have nothing to do with a god or whatnot, his are about Science. Even so, they are great reads.

Yes he is a graet person now i watch his movie (unbeliever)
A great one..
I love to read about science and philosophy
So i will look for dr. niel books


Hello and welcome to the forum.

Hello sir
Thank you very much


Hi Heider,

Hi how are you?

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