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Somehow stumbled on this site on the web, it sounds really interesting.
I've always been agnostic, even after years in a church choir.
I'd really like to meet like minded people (preferably female) to discuss life etc over a few beers or decent wines.
Yep, that's shallow, but honest?

Vince63 2 Mar 16

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Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.




Welcome to the site Vince63. I see you haven't written a bio yet, so please do that soon. It will help people get to know you and interact with you better. Plus if you're wanting to meet like minded people, (preferably female), that will help if the ladies can read about you and your interests. Jump in and check out all the different groups, comment and write some posts. There are an amazing bunch of people on this site.


Welcome, do check out the groups that's where a lot of the life here is.


Welcome to the community, Vince.


Just want to say hello and welcome. I am over in Northern Ireland, so too far away to have a drink with, but it’s nice to have another Brit join us here on the site, there are few of us, but are still vastly in the minority. I hope you will get as much fun as I have since joining last June. Browse the site and join a few groups, there are plenty, so there are bound to be several which will appeal to you.


Why just females? Theres tons of interesting chaps here. Just start chatting Vince. Anyway hows Surrey. I know thats down south somewhere and a bit posh. Well anywhere is posher than East Lancs. As for the wine or'll have to be a gin please. Welcome though...

I have to admit that if you think everywhere is posher than East Lancs, then you don't know Grimsby.

@Fernapple hahaha I do! There are dumps and then theres Accrington.


Welcome aboard!

Can you expand on what it means for you to be agnostic? People can have different uses of the word, so it’s helpful to talk about the ideas at play instead of the labels we use.

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