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well let me start from beginning of my journey that led me to be in this awkward situation.
I will to come to point quick because my story is long and so sorry for my bad english i wish i could write this letter in deutsch!
My Name is Mahmud Mohebbi
I Was born in Tehran on 24.9.1991 in middle class Islamic family.
In 2002 me and my Mom and my little brother moved to my father in Germany Hamburg
I Went to primary school in Germany and high school i was having a nice childhood till the Dark capital of my life started thats how i describe it nowadays when i look back!
But from early age my Mom and dad had difficulties in their relationship they had a lot fights and arguments they could not manage to stay together for some reason
So the divorced in Germany.
But my Dad would not Agree an divorce in Iran so they drama continued for a decade.
in Germany when i was realizing what was going to happening to my parents after the long separation we had suffered the years without my father in Iran it did Paralysed me and my brother emotionally and mentally at that time but since we were young and evolving we got over it by time as went school slowly we made some German friends and had already Learned The German Language so we did recover very quickly !
As i was growing up in a democratic country i was quickly questioning and confronting my mom and my teachers with the fears and sins thats i was thought as a child not to do!
I was questioning and exploring the universe and religion and it did not take long for me stop believing in any religion at all it was at that time that i accepted the fact that the human race evolved though
evolution that took million of years for that fact i decided to get atheist tattoos on my body in 2007 however since that day i consider myself as true atheist.

however the years went on till 2011 The day that changed my life my mom had awful phone call from Iran that her father has become sick and is unlikely to have long to live
therefore my mom decided to planed a journey to iran to visit my grandfather.
so we arrived in Tehran went to my granddads house and stayed there calmly and supported our mother through this hard time.
the days past and we heard from our mother that our father had found out that we are in iran and we are in threat because she is still legally married to him in iran and could not allow us to leave the country
and he is after us with police and that he could get us arrested for some stupid Islamic Iranian reasons
at that time i did not realized the threat iam facing as an atheist! my mom did she knew that my fathers side of the familiy knows through social media that iam an atheist through my post and tattoos
so she immediately managed to get us out iran with some illegal traffickers the drama finished we thought we are going to return Germany to our lives and never go back to iran for whatever reasons!
however the traffickers couldn't send us together to Germany we have to go Separately !
so first me and my brother start going back to Europe in fear and panic !
Couple weeks later found we arrived in United kingdom i could cry in this part!
me and my brother arrived in Nottingham in hand of traffickers that had figured out how we are.
They weeks went on we were hold in a house as slaves for months without realizing where we even are or if we have arrived in Germany or not!however we waited for the traffickers in a locked up house with a iranian speaking man that does not look iranian at all without food electricity and clothing !
the days went on and whenever we asked the traffickers how long we need to wait he answered we are waiting for your mother to arrived.
after a while my mother reunited with us and she told us where we are !
we were furious but slowly as the days went and we as family start asking the trafficker where we are
he started to changed his attitude in a monster basically he held us as slaved and raped my mother in the house for several times
and he abused us mentally and physically for a long time so long that i forgot what the date and time was we didn't leave the house for a long time so long that i can't describe it
And Once again my mom managed to contact her partner in Germany who was looking for us the entire time he contact the authorities as soon my mom contacted him
the police and home office came and SWAT the house but as the investigation was continuing while we were questioned by the police we couldn't talk or tell the police what was
happening as he did threat us with our situation all these months at that house that we face death and your mom stoning stuff like that he had managed to threat my mom in a level
that mom couldn't tell the police the crimes he has committed to us and who we really are !
so he manipulated us as the best he could demanding money!
he forced me and my brother to changed our names and claim asylum in the uk !
unsuccessfully i started to panic about the fact that iam going to be deported and therefore i tried to claim asylum with a fresh application in 2015 as an atheist and as the name of danial baharluei
but i couldn't managed the depression and the fact what happend to us!
our lives so i just abounded the idea and tried to run away from it i couldn't cope any more !
i was wandering in the streets of Nottingham with depression and suicidal thoughts for 6 years eventually becoming a drug addict for 2 years to deal with my depression!
all these years that i was struggling with my depression my mom managed to bring the police to court for not handling this case properly and she won the case and
now we are seen as victims of modern slavery by he uk authorities!
for me living with a false identity all the years was a enormous relief!
now the fact that i have my identity back its good and nice but the wasted years here costed my citizenship and visa in Germany
and i have established a life here in England with my Partner so there is no place for me to go for now except IRAN but I face prosecution in iran
for my belief by the govt and my fathers family who hate us and already send me death threats for being Disbeliever!
I am very active in social media and online and iam not scared to publicly talk about my opinion about religion and Islam !
i am a member of the atheist republic group !
therefore iam asking for a support letter in respect of my fresh asylum application as an atheist in the uk by anyone in this group
my email adress is

MahmudMohebbi 2 Mar 17

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I am sure we all support you. As a Brit, I do not understand the anger towards people fleeing seriously dangerous environments. Unfortunately there is little anyone can do here. We do not know you. I think Pralina has the right ideas. Speak to your local MP first of all. I can certainly tell you who that is. Check out some of the charities supporting people rescued from slavery. Also see if there are any volunteer opportunities available near you. Stay active and vocal. I would also suggest, English lessons. You need to write that story. If you can do it German then do it. Join us here as we will welcome you and that will help you with your English. You have been through a great deal but you are safe here. Where is your brother and Mum now? Hugs anyway

Thanks a lot for your advise i really appreciated it!
I havent seen my brother since 2013
and mother is with me atm!


I would hope that information from your mother's court case and any threats from your family in Iran on social media would be enough. That and recommendations from friends, boss, coworkers.

Best of luck!

Asylum seekers are not allowed to work


I did not know that. It's odd how government works in some areas.

@Bierbasstard Isn't it? You get nasty right wingers claiming that Asylum seekers take our jobs and claim our benefits...they can't do either!


Danial ,
I am not sure I understand what exactly you are asking for . I did a fast check on what U.K. Is asking for documentation to supplement an asylum application .
Besides whatever papers of identification you might have , and a statement with your case / explanation , they also asking for any ( 2 preferably ) credible witness statements or experts statements to support reasoning of why you should achieve asylum .
I think the people who they know you best at the town you live these last years and any official contacts with authorities that you had will be the best source of any supporting letters ?
I am not sure how people who do not know you at all can write a letter to say exactly what ? And signed by experts related to your case of harm etc ( psychological or physically ), how is that possible for anyone to sign ?
Sense you say you are very active at social media etc , and at local I assume atheists groups , can you ask them for their help / statements ?
Which by the way need to be signed , not email . As they asking you to bring / mail copies and not the originals .
Also danial , personally , I will have very hard time to use an email address and make mine known to anyone who I am not familiar with . Therefore , I am useless I guess .
Good luck .

Pralina1 thanks for ur post!



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