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Some Answers to the Question: Why Do British People Not Like Trump?

Who else thinks that Nate White's critique is the best formulated, sum total of the POTUS's frightening flaws that she/he has ever heard?


AnonySchmoose 8 Mar 18

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Ok, I'm a bit tired of all the insults and bashing but . . . damn, that was spot on.

I agree!


I could provide an extensive lexicon of profanity which supplies an amusing descriptive of his every action, lack of understanding, inward and outward persona and extensive list of utter failures... Where I live, he isn't liked much and now a major road has been permanently diverted to avoid his Menie Estate golf course, cutting off from local civilisation!
Under Scots law, anyone can just wander all over his estate, just as long as no damage is done or interference to work. So no nicking golf balls or standing on them or letting your dog take a dump in a hole.

Yes, I recall how he bragged that he's a big asset to Scotland, and lied that many folks there want his golf course to be there.

@AnonySchmoose He pissed off Scotland so much, we built a bloody great windfarm just offshore from his Minie Estate Golf Course. The water belongs to the Crown/HM Queen Lizzie and the land his course is on is owned in trust by the Scots - hence Scot Land... land of the Scots. He only pays to use it unless the people or Crown decide to make other use of it.

A windfarm in his view serves the bloody windbag bloody right! I hope the Scots or Crown kick him out. Grumble, grumble ....

@AnonySchmoose He's asked for planning to build 500 homes around the course, but so far has recieved 2900+ objections, which makes it more likely that it'll get stopped.


That's a long way of saying he's a piece of $!#@.

Yes, but it’s much more entertaining!

Yes! However, the critique really nailed the troll for various reasons.

@AnonySchmoose it was spot on....agreed with every word.

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