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Does the Politics section of this site apply exclusively to Left Wing politics, or should anyone who is following community guidelines be allowed to share their opinions?

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tkcoy 6 Mar 19

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If you don't have freedom of speech, I don't have freedom of speech.


A presumption of bias is included in your question. It almost seems like you're trying to bait leftists.

@tkcoy You're welcome.


Everyone is allowed to post any opinion they feel is worth sharing.
Are there people saying you're not allowed to post dissenting opinions?

@tkcoy There were threads explicitly asking for censorship of "far right apologists".

Links? Just so we know how bad it is.

@tkcoy I didn't see the threads your referencing. But I mostly stay out of the Politics threads b/c of all the argueing. However everyone should remember this is a safe place for unpopular opinions. No one should be calling for censorship around here.


There is a conservative you trot.

@tkcoy and? You have never no idea what left wing is.

@tkcoy No seriously...nothing tribalistic, except I am from a different country than you

@tkcoy I am a socialist. The left in UK is very different than in US. Our conservatives are akin to the US democrats.


It's offensive to people who are not in that group.


Haha double yawn from me


No. The majority of members are in fact, intelligent and seem to lean left. However, this site does get it's share of right wing nut jobs trying to disguise themselves as intellectuals but fail when they ask dumb questions.

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